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Shen Mitan
Personal Information
Race Tyrant
Gender Male
Creation Date January 17, 2225
Serial Number 48325-UMB
Faction Ouroboros
Function Biomonster
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Being a Biomonster made of wax.
Secondary Specialty Playing the Guitar.
Weapons His whole goddamn body.
Primary Boomer Bile
Type Corrosive
Secondary Smoker Grab
Type Fire
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"*sigh* I wish my fingers didnt grease everything up."


Shen Mitan is a man with only slight fortune. He was born to a middle class family in China, and instantly took a liking to music, specifically the guitar. He wasnt naturally gifted with intelligence, but managed to get through school and focus on his passion. He made a small name for himself, and had dreams of the big time. He even got a good girlfriend, and had the approval of his family. Ragnarok took everything from him. Bitter at the Reploids that were immune to the loss he suffered, he swallowed his contempt and managed to survive. He joined the Gransmasters army to push the Black Legion back, managing to survive until the world was finally rid of the zombie plague. He survived, but he was hollow inside. He took a job with Umbrella, as it was sanctioned by the Grandmaster, and worked as security until the Beijing facility came down. Trapped in a room with a mutagen, he was infected and destroyed. He was found months later after Umbrellas collapse by Crusader. Crusader gave Shen gave the man a new hope. As Wicker, he kills Reploids and seeks revenge on those that destroyed him with the hopes of becoming human once more.


Nightmare Fuel, The Extremist Was Right, Loser Antagonist, Former Normal Person, The Friend Nobody Likes, Hates Baths, Hates Fire, Loves Fire, Loony Friends Improve Your Personality, The Pig Pen, Selective Slaughter, Buttmonkey, And Meltman, With The Power To... Melt!




Cut Scenes