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Shield Shellfish
Shield Shellfish.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Classified.
Code Name Shield Shellfish
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Creator/s Gate
Birth Date 20 June 2215
Serial Number GBN-004
Email Classified.
Faction Versus
Function Bodyguard
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty 5th Profession
Weapons Standard Military Issue, Lasers, Blunt Trauma
Primary Guard Shell
Type Energy Force
Secondary Reflect Shell
Type Energy
Buster Colors Pink & Peach
OOC Information
Game Megaman X6
Theme Song

Character Data

"I have never wished to be anything other than what I was. Have you?"


Shield Shellfish is best known for being a reclusive, paranoid bodyguard -- one of the best in her profession. Initially part of the Dream Team, an anti-Maverick squad created by Gate, Shield Shellfish joined the military shortly after her team's failure to eradicate the virus. She served the United Nations for over a decade before numerous personal conduct issues pressed her into a forced retirement. From there, she worked occasional mercenary jobs while attempting to put her life back together. Now Shield Shellfish works for Morrigan Aensland and, by extension, Versus -- an adventurous, exploratory group that runs quite counter to all of her preferences and past experiences. One of many veterans of the Robot Wars who have seen too much, Shield Shellfish functions well as a soldier but not in her daily life. She struggles with enemies she cannot confront directly, both internal and external, and is given to fits of rage or depression that are slowly being moderated by her reintegration into society.


Very Very Pink, Okay Maybe She IS That Paranoid, Two Places At Once, Frickin' Lasers, Catching Bullets, Unbreakable Wall, I Might Have More Than One Life To Give After All, TERMINATE!, Advantages: Balance, Heartless, Irreproachable, Disadvantages: Ascetic, Bad Reputation, Deathseeker, TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK



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