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Shining Firefly
Shining Firefly.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Izzy Glow
Code Name Laser Butt
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date March 4th, 2203
Serial Number Tin? Sthene? Synchronization Node?
Faction Unified Army
Function Research Specialist
Assignment Old Man Laser
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Laser Technology and Energy Transferal Theory
Secondary Specialty All Knowing But Not All Remembering
Weapons Lasers
Primary Will Laser
Type Energy
Secondary C Flasher
Type Energy
OOC Information
Game Megaman X5
Theme Song

Character Data

"What a graceful entrance, so kind of you to indulge an old soul."


Having only recently returned from a research station in parts unknown, Shining Firefly was thought of as little more than a myth amongst the Repliforce -- just a bushy moustache in the darkness. Now he's back in service, with potentially the greatest reploid mind ever to have been created; possesses great knowledge and wisdom in all areas, although he's specialized within the field of Lasers. Rumor has it that his very body is capable of a fantastic laser display, although it's often discounted as a myth, considering the grandfatherly nature that he embodies. He's nice and helpful, although a touch forgetful at times. Capable of flight and limited teleportation, also possessing of a walking stick despite him not needing the device. His weapon, the Will Laser, allows him to create a small swarm of fireflies that do his bidding.


Knowledge: Lasers, Knowledge: Laser Application, Knowledge: Knowledge, Wisdom, Experience, Old Man Kindness, Grandfatherly Attitude, Odd Place for a Giant Laser, One Of The Smartest On The Mush But Still Senile