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Lawrence Kimbala
Personal Information
Real Name Lawrence Kimbala
Code Name Shona
Race Champion
Gender Male
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Champion
Function Echo Six - R&D
Technical Specifications
Primary Shona Cocktail
Type Corrosive
Secondary They Don't Teach You This At Harvard
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Operation Raccoon City
Voice Actor Imari Williams
Theme Song

Character Data

"Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves."


Lawrence "Shona" Kimbala will save the world one life at a time. His father, an employee of TriCell, dedicated his life to traveling Africa and studying exotic tropical diseases. Rather than staying in his native Zimbabwe, Lawrence traveled with his father from place to place. Lawrence's travels showed him the importance of doctors and biologists in making the world a better place. A slew of private tutors coupled with hands-on experience with his father earned Lawrence a full scholarship to Harvard Medical School. On leaving Harvard, Lawrence was picked up by the US government as part of their developing human enhancement program. A compassionate soul, Lawrence appreciates the need for heroes in a beleaguered world, but prefers to work on improving life for the average person. Lawrence's code-name, "Shona," is a reference to his ethnicity. His mostly exaggerated dislike of his codename is mainly used to start arguments when things get slow.


Applied Biochemistry, Genetic Engineering, The Ivy League Teaches You Less Than The Bush League, OK, "Dixie," Whatever You Say




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