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Super Ego Sister
Personal Information
Real Name Showcase Falcon
Code Name Casey Falcon
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Creator/s Factory-made
Birth Date September 5th, 2219
Serial Number SH-006
Faction Independent
Divisions Showtech Inc Eastern HQ
Assignment VP of Sales & Marketing
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Marketing
Secondary Specialty Accountancy
Weapons Gravity Gauntlets
Primary Falcon Punch
Type Force
Secondary Briefcase Smash
Type Physical
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

"Stability is more important than you might think."


Once upon a time there were three sisters, all working the same job. The first one left to be an artist. The third one moved on to a different job in the same field. The second one stayed on, got a business degree and accounting certifications, won several small awards for her work, and today is in the running to take over the very company that she was built to work for.

A modern day reploid success story, aside from the fact that the first sister is a bountied terrorist. But I digress.

Casey Falcon (legal name Showcase Falcon) is the VP of Sales and Marketing at Showtech Incorporated, an advertising and resale company specializing in consumer electronics. Rumors flying around are that she's on the Board's shortlist for promotion if and when Showtech's aging CEO steps down. Until that day, she does her job and does it well.

Casey is a rather serious individual most of the time. She's not one for fooling around where important matters are involved (business, money, her sister having a future as something more than a terrorist/claimed bounty/Star Force jail cell occupant) but does tend to loosen up otherwise. Occasionally during those times she can be flirtatious and forward, as if she's segregating those desires to the point where they're let out in full force to make up for lost time.


Super Ego Sister, Serious Sister, Business Birdy, Mind on my Money, FALCON PUNCH, Certified Accountant, Notary Public, Bachelor's Equivalent in Business, Of Course the Radical Anticorporationist has a Highly Paid Corporate Executive as a Family Member, I See Dead People (Well, Okay, Just One Dead Person, but it Still Counts)