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Shuseki Ijuin
Shuseki Ijuin.jpg
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Birth Date Jan 7th, 2176
Serial Number PRIVATE
Email Ijuin@IPC.ORG
Faction QUILL
Function SciTech CEO
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Business Acumen and Financier
Secondary Specialty Surprisingly Adept Engineer
Weapons Others
Primary Repair Probe
Type Electric
Secondary Multitool
Type Electric
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network
Theme Song

Character Data

"Are you going to make me repeat myself?"


In Japan, Shuseki Ijuin was a high-ranking executive of a software company, IPC Inc.. Hard-nosed, strict, and not one to mince words, he ran as tight a ship as he could against a hard economy, Robot Master rampages, and always being a step behind the gigantic AppleSoft company. He was also the only one among the upper echelon to not have any criminal ties, and he knew it. Having little tolerance for corruption, sloth, or those who would take advantage of a heavily computerized society, he runs a security firm called SciTech as one of the few true "good guys" in this world, should such a thing still exist. Many end up being on the short end of his no-nonsense behavior, but he feels it is the only way to ensure that goals are being finished. With the fall of the Mavericks and the collapse of the Sigma virus, Shuseki has turned his gaze towards the world as a whole, and begun making the hard decisions only a man of his calbre could make in regards to its future. Rumors abound that he is troubled due to an estranged relationship with his son, Eugene - but he is quick to condemn speculators as 'lazy gossips'.


Business Administration, Not A Pointy-Haired Boss, Buzzword Interpreter, Incorruptible?, Door Slamming Mastery, Unlimited Ammo (Pinkslips), World Salvation: Duty Or Hobby?, Weakness: Humiliation, Professional Hardass, Not Too Happy With His Son




Cut Scenes

  • 2221-04-13: The Will - Mister Ijuin Does A Thing