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Personal Information
Real Name Classified
Code Name Siarnaq
Race Strider
Gender Male
Birth Date ?-?-2205
Serial Number Unspecified.
Faction Versus
Function Mega Man of Shadow
Assignment You Have One (1) Unfinished Mission
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Assassination
Secondary Specialty Hacking
Weapons Unarmed, Kunai, Model P
Primary Assassination
Type Blade
Secondary Kunai Volley
Type Blade
Buster Colors Red & Purple, Yellow Edging
OOC Information
Game Megaman ZX Advent
Voice Actor Jamie West. Note that the all-caps signifies monotone and robot-like speech, not loudness.
Theme Song See +soundtrack.

Character Data



Siarnaq is the result of one way the human brain can respond to intense trauma. A genetically engineered superhuman, or "Mega Man", Siarnaq was developed to be the perfect assassin. Raised in seclusion within a series of Black SHIELD laboratories, Siarnaq trained with his family to become supremely effective killing machines -- and Siarnaq was the best. Siarnaq received additional, special training from Grandmaster Meio himself to become a supreme killer, being pushed harder and faster to develop than any of his other peers. It drove Siarnaq to dehumanize himself, becoming nothing more than a weapon to be sent into the field to accomplish missions. Like his brothers and sister, Siarnaq is extremely well-educated, with a focus on computers and technology beyond his mastery of the arts of assassination. Siarnaq is the Aesir team's hacker, and is just as machine-like online as he is in real life. Siarnaq's apparent lack of empathy is imperfect, as there are moments where he seems like he can be reached by compassion. Thetis regularly tries to make Siarnaq act more human, but his efforts regularly fail -- not out of a lack of capacity, but out of Siarnaq's fear of experiencing more pain.


Creepy Stare, My Kung Fu Is Superior, Ninja Skill Package, Computer Operations, Computer Hacking, Extensive Education, Mental Opponent Database, Not Energy Weak, Languages: Many, Really Creepy Stare, Ruthless Robotic Efficiency, Improved Evasion, Wire-Fu, Master of Concealed Weaponry (Especially Kunai), Superhuman, Strider Attributes, Neigh-Indestructable Scarf, Violencing The Hell Out Of Designated Targets, The Chorus Line, You Underestimate The Terrifyingly Creepy Stare



  • Siarnaq has one incomplete mission.
  • Siarnaq has a sister and two brothers. He is rather protective of them, despite the fact that they are each capable of killing just about anything with their bare hands.
  • Siarnaq once fought Ra Moon and got hit so hard he forgot he didn't have emotions. Or he hit his Limit Break. Depends on who you ask.
  • Some say that Siarnaq does not sleep, that he steals peoples' breath and souls and is actually a creature of shadow and darkness. This is probably not true.
  • Probably.