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Personal Information
Race Reploid
Creator/s Dr. Doppler
Faction Unified Army
Function Elite Soldier
Technical Specifications
Primary Teufelshunde Sabre
Type Blade
Secondary Reaping The Field Of Defeat
Type Energy
OOC Information
Game Megaman X
Theme Song

Character Data

"A man takes responsibility for his actions, right or wrong. He accepts the consequences and lives with them, every day."


Charisma and military cunning were the watchwords when designing the pinnacle of the Teufelshunde Line. Programmed as one of the greatest warriors in history, combining military thought and strategy of dozens of the best military minds throughout history, Sigma was once the leader of the original 17th Special Operations Unit and leant his name to the popular moniker for his line, the Sigma Line. Sigma is an anachromism in the modern world. From his perception, Sigma last experienced the world a few months before Doctor Wily was captured in 2205. Having never experienced the descent into madness his other self experienced, Sigma finds himself met with suspicion but has managed to meet that suspicion with devotion to Repliforce and adhering to the duty he has always felt himself devoted to. Sigma remains faithful to the ideals he had as a Repliforce; embracing the ideas of 'always faithful, always dutiful'. Armed with his original Teufelshunde issued sabre, Sigma remains one of the best swordsman on the planet.


Just One Reploid, Diplomacy, Tactics & Strategy, Intimidating Stare, Leadership, Weapon Focus (Beam Sabre), Weapon Specialization (Beam Sabre), Selling Ice to Eskimos, Swordsmanship, Just One Soldier




Cut Scenes