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Personal Information
Real Name Signas Cain
Code Name Sir Frownsalot
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date 2/16
Serial Number DCN-004
Faction Unified Army
Function Weapon of Mass Diplomacy
Assignment Aggressive Negotiations
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Negotiations
Secondary Specialty Aggressive Negotiations
Primary Impact Knuckle
Type Explosive Physical
Secondary Impact Jab
Type Explosive Physical
Buster Colors Black & Gold
OOC Information
Game Megaman X5
Theme Song

Character Data

"I don't care if the world hails me or scorns me. I just want to make sure they can safely forget you."


Commander. Diplomat. Soldier. Apologist. An early attempt by the UN to create the ultimate tactical reploid, Project: Signas was scrapped due to lack of funding. Much later, Signas was completed by Dr. Cain and set to work as commander of the Hunters. Unable to run a faction which lacked real military discipline, Signas fell to the position of apologist and laughingstock, sneered at even by the human reporters to whom he constantly apologized for Hunter behavior. When Blues bombed three cities and killed a million people, Signas finally found himself at a loss for words. There was simply no way to explain Blues' actions as benevolent ones. The Great Apologizer finally lost it, turning to the wholesale slaughter of zombies to vent his years of pent-up frustration. In his fugue state, Signas was almost seduced by Epsilon's Irregular rhetoric before the death of Blues. This event caused a stunning realization: he does not have to apologize. Ever. Not for anything, and not for anyone. His reputation? Meaningless. The reputation of the Hunters? Not his problem. Freed from his frustration by this epiphany, Signas is finally able to do what he was meant to do all along: the right thing, no matter what anyone else might think. Signas is, as always, a skilled diplomat and negotiator but he refuses to make excuses and is as adept as ever at knowing when the time for words is over. Equipped with the most precise CPU of any Reploid alive and strong sense of morality, Signas is capable of making rapid judgment calls without angst or second guesses. Signas travels the world doing what the Hunters were supposed to do all along. Help the good guys. Beat the bad guys. Solve conflicts. Save the world.


Inspiring Speeches Nobody Listened To, Empathy That Used To Get Exploited, Leadership Over A Herd Of Cats, Gunboat Diplomacy, Exhausted Vigilance, Strategy That Usually Ignored, Tactics Briefings Frequently Slept Through, Okay So He IS Related To Colonel, SHOWTIME!