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Super Heavy Cannon Reploid
Rapeceratops horridus
Rapeceratops horridus
Personal Information
Real Name Silver Horn
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Faction Mavericks
Function Pyramid Head
Technical Specifications
Primary Tidal Wave
Type Water
OOC Information
Game Megaman X: Command Mission
Theme Song

Character Data

"The weak ones have no choice.... they should just obey the strong ones."


Once a factory worker of no particular note, Silver Horn was fitted with cryogenic and cold-water systems to aid him in working on hazardous materials that humans could not handle. However, he grew tired of his dull life, routine work, and exploitation, so, he sought out, and willingly infected himself with, the Sigma Virus. He took to it extremely well, and the Virus twisted him almost overnight, from a calm and likable person into an eerie sadist. His huge size and strength are his primary assets, but he's no stranger to trying to talk someone in to his point of view....and he has no problem with purposefully infecting those reploids who will not bend to either. Those who spend much time in his presence consider him unnerving and more than a little disgusting. Though he had no real computer skills of his own, he managed to befriend, and infect, the innocent reploid Nana, taking a perverse thrill in convincing her to do datahacks for him and spread the Virus he was so eager to share. Now that she has been cleansed, he is still interested in getting her back into his grasp. He is a brute, but doesn't always seem like one; hearing Silver Horn speak is quite different from meeting him in person.


Evil for its own sake, Escaping complex restraints, Fashioning even more complex restraints, Sadism, Intimidation, Brute Force Too, Nana's been a bad girl.... she'll have to be PUNISHED


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  • Killed by Nana, Apple, and others.
  • He really deserved it, too.