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Skull Man
Gonna Kill You
Gonna Kill You
Personal Information
Real Name Skull Man Wily
Code Name Bonehead
Race Android
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Wily
Creation Date January 8th, 2202
Serial Number DWN 032
Faction Robot Masters
Divisions Delta [W]
Function Versatile Killer Robot
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Combat
Secondary Specialty Horror
Weapons Skull Barrier, Wrist Busters, Rib Guns, Blades, Bones, Scythe
Primary Skull Barrier
Type Energy Force
Secondary Giant Skull
Type Physical
Buster Colors Light Blue and White
OOC Information
Game Mega Man 4
Theme Song

Character Data

"Death now, or death later?"


Skull Man has lived many lives and experienced much. A bloodthirsty warrior, Skull Man enjoys turning killing into spectacle based on years and years of experience in the Robot Wars. Feeling he embodies all the virtues of being a Robot Master and knows what it means to live as such, a superior being to all others, he rarely stops bringing attention to himself. He'll showboat to his heart's content, as if playing to an invisible audience. He enjoys challenges and sometimes handicaps himself to make fights more interesting. Even if it means a loss, he seems to accept it with a strange affability, showing no fear of death (after all, a Robot Master is an immortal). He is an expert in the use of improvised weaponry, known to use anything in the environment to lethal effect. But stripped away, his favored tools are also the most simple: an arm cannon with rapid fire capability and his barrier weapon. Sometimes, you just need to respect the classics.


Human Anatomy, Robot Anatomy, Improvised Weaponry, Buster Arts, Stalking Teenagers At Summer Camps, Ego Stroking, Upholding The Family Standard, Hunting, Cleaning (Bodies, Crime Scenes), Avoiding Gimmicks, Setting Challenges, 2Spooky


Skull Man was built about the same time as most of the RM squads up to Theta, during Wily’s second campaign against the entire Earth. He was designed to inspire terror in Wily’s enemies like a supervillain. So, he was death personified, the Grim Reaper of the Robot Masters destined to harvest the souls of his foes and make them flee before Wily’s might.

This backfired spectacularly.

Skull broke under the strain of Wily’s expectations and the reality of combat. He became a cartoonish self-parody that only got worse as time went one. He went through several identities to reclaim the greatness he thought he had but never did – thanks in part to an implant Wily put in him on a whim (or stroke of genius, if you are Wily). Skull soon became something of a gag in the Robot Wars.

But against it all he somehow figured everything out, and currently is trying to move past the gimmicks, fads and tricks that marked his previous attempts. He would no longer TRY to be spooky and gothic – he would simply focus on killing people for Wily and go back to basics, to see where he goes from there. Time will tell if this works out or not.

A typical workday.





  • Is truly a Jack of All Trades due to picking up various bits of skills and knowledge over the years.
  • Owns several skulls of dead robots and people, one of which is Ghost Wolf he got on UnderBay.