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Slash Beast
Slash Beast.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Slash Beast
Code Name Dark Four
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Serial Number LEO-6922-17-03
Email BigCat@Repliforce.ops
Faction Unified Army
Function Special Operations Advisor
Assignment Reserve Intelligence
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Stealth/Detection
Secondary Specialty Infiltration
Primary Twin Slasher
Type Blade
Secondary Shippuuga
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Megaman X4
Theme Song

Character Data

"Metal or flesh, it is control which separates one from a savage."


Slash Beast is a study in opposites. His loathing of violence belies his ferocity in combat; his urbanity and rationality mask powerful currents of what can only be described as animal emotion. He fancies himself cultured, and he prefers to unsheathe his wit first and his claws much later; he delights in setting physical and circumstantial traps so that he won't have to stoop to fighting his enemies. However, whenever he loses his temper, all of the self-control that he has painstakingly built up goes by the wayside. Slash Beast's long, diamond-tipped foreclaws create a wave of cutting force that can slice through most metals, and his powerful legs allow him to spring to attack from up to 30 feet away. When he fights, he surrenders to pure instinct, and he is susceptible to traps that he could easily avoid in a calmer state.


Classical Music Appreciation, Trap-Setting, Feral Instincts, Berserker Rage, Aloofness