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Slash Man
Slash Man.jpg
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender male
Faction Robot Masters
Function Hunter
Assignment Pest Control
Technical Specifications
Primary Slash Claw
Type Blade
Secondary Rolling Slash
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Megaman 7
Theme Song

Character Data

"The thrill of the catch is exceeded only by the thrill of the hunt."


A hyperactive ball of energy, Slash Man almost seems more wild animal than robot. Easily excited by the slightest thing, though extremely difficult to provoke to anger, he usually adopts a sort of 'calmed frenzy' personality. Sometimes speaks to the the hordes of robotic animals he keeps around, feeling a strange kinship with them. Prone to nervous fits of twitching, and, when excited, tends to repeat words. Extremely agile, he is able to jump fifty feet straight up, and even higher with a running start. Each hand bears a set of three retractable Slash Claws, narrow blades of metal surrounded by an energy field and able to cut through most known substances. He also wields a pair of gel launchers under each wrist, capable of spewing out globs of sticky, highly flammable gel that bonds instantly with metal. An expert tracker, Slash Man can follow a scent several days old, or pick out movement in detail from a mile away. Once he's spotted his prey, Slash Man can sneak up silently, preferring to take them down with his own claws to using any ranged weaponry, unless necessary. Because of his hyper personality, Slash Man is in a constant state of motion, and can't stand being still for any period of time.


Jumping, Wall Climbing, Slashing, Pouncing, Sleeping like a Cat, Dr. Dolittle's father's brother's nephews cousin's former roommate, Slashy-Slashy!, Not Really Logan, Just Really Spiky, Enhanced sense of Smell, Enhanced Sense of Sight, Me not Tarzan, Too Flexible for his own Good, Expert Hunter, Reject from the Hitman series




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