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Snake Man
Snake Man.png
Personal Information
Real Name Snake Man
Code Name Slither
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date July 2nd, 2201
Serial Number DWN-022
Faction Robot Masters
Function Recon/Spy
Assignment Get On A Plane
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Sticking his nose where it doesn't belong (if he had one).
Secondary Specialty Squicking out Gemini Man.
Weapons Biting, squeezing, and lots and lots of snakes.
Primary Search Snake
Type Explosive
Secondary Snake Bite
Type Blade
Buster Colors Green & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman 3
Theme Song

Character Data

"Wait, watch, look, lisssten, act."


Snake Man is as cool as his namesake. He likes to feel that he's in control of a situation, watching and waiting with limitless paitence until the time is right to make a move. While Snake Man most often speaks the truth, he's a master of twisting words and meanings. Cunning and devious, a loner who never completely trusts or is trusted by anyone. His favorite hobby is taking advantage of Gemini Man's fear of snakes. Snake Man uses the Search Snake, small robotic snakes which can be either fired as missles or remote controlled as they crawl along the ground. They have camera eyes and audio sensors, can bite through almost anything, and are packed with a small explosive. He uses them to spy on others, sometimes even comrades. Agile, his light, flexible frame allows him to move with the slippery grace of a serpent and squeeze through impossibly small spaces. Also like a real serpent, he has exellent vision that is heat sensitive. He has a mildly poisonous bite, and can spit the acidic venom up to 20 feet with great accuracy. Snake Man sometimes waits too long before acting, others see him as lazy at times. The supple, stretchy armor that allows him to squeeze into small spaces does not stand up well to edged weapons.


Hissing Speech, Reptile Care, Silent Moving, Sneakiness, Staying Motionless, Spying, Wordplay




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