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Snipe Anteater
The Quiet One
The Quiet One
Personal Information
Real Name Snipe Anteater
Code Name XxxSnipahMastaxxX
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s Gate
Birth Date June 3, 2217
Serial Number GRA-011
Email Unknown
Faction Grave
Divisions Irregulars
Function Hacker/Sniper
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Sniping
Secondary Specialty Hacking
Weapons Back-Mounted Missile Launcher, Laser Pods, Ant Mines, Force Blasts
Primary Sniper Missile
Type Explosive
Secondary Spiral Claw
Type Energy
Buster Colors Black and Grey
OOC Information
Game Mega Man X7
Theme Song

Character Data

"Now, you have to ask yourself, do you really want to argue with a hacker who can hit a quarter a half-mile away?"


Maybe the most self-absorbed of the Red Alert team, you'd never expect the quiet and reserved Anteater to have such a mouth on him. And for those who only know him as as a sniper, they'd never believe his peculiar double life. In the real world, he rarely speaks, performing his job with the kind of quiet skill you'd expect from an expert sniper, but online, his personality totally changes. Egotistical and outspoken, behind the screen of a computer a whole different side of the Anteater comes out, and he has developed a bad habit of writing checks his hacking skills can't cash. More famous for being banned from several dozen first-person shooter servers for cheating to be a better sniper than for his hacking, he's still trying to make a name for himself, both as a sniper and as a hacker.


Cheating At Counterstrike, E-Bay Sniper, Ego To Match The Skills, Can Only Stay Quiet When It Matters, Perching In Hard-To-Reach Places


Snipe Anteater was created as part of the Red Alert special forces group by Gate and the UN, instilled with the Dream Protocol and given orders to infiltrate the Mavericks. Snipe went along with the team silently, loyal to Red and Housemann and never making much of a fuss. He loathed the Mavericks, and even when undercover after their ‘corruption’ he avoided his new comrades to work on his hacking skills and participate in routine patrols in the European wilderness.

Soon, they were forced to combat the new power armor forces at Normandy beach. Snipe Anteater silently suffered this as he attacked several soldiers, but never once made a fatal shot against his targets, getting close enough to satisfy his superiors but not enough to take the lives of those he was born to. He spilled blood, to be sure, but in the end he knew it was what he had to do. Or so he told himself.

Eventually Black Shield betrayed the team, and Snipe worked diligently to get them out and into Repliforce. Snipe perhaps adjusted to the transition better than the rest; though he had the rough edges people came to expect from the group of former UN specialists, his cool demeanor and sniping skills soon made him a vital part of the military. Snipe lurked from that point on, content to work quietly in Red Alert.

Skillz to pay the billz.

But then Sir Lanka happened. Red became determined to side with Charlie Archer and clean up the country for its own good. Snipe stuck by his commander without question; loyal to the only group he ever could trust and take comfort in. He acted as security analyst for the city’s cyberspace grid, as well as a battleship during the intense aerial fight. But Normandy was still fresh in his processor. Snipe intentionally left a hole in his security systems, something he never revealed to anyone since. He also could not fire fatal shots at those attacking him, and eventually faded into the background again. Unfortunately he chose to merge directly with IMPERATOR, a massive data system, and became corrupted by its power. Thankfully, the pirates were defeated before he could get worse, and he surrendered peacefully.

Red Alert was disbanded soon after upon being returned to Repliforce. Snipe was initially upset by this, but knew it was for the best. He did the best he could until the UN gave Red Alert a long-sought-after pardon. Snipe, never fancying himself the military type, was glad that he could go back to the life he enjoyed: mercenary work. All the video games he could play and nobody to hassle him for drills or patrols. Things are looking up for the anteater.



Luna Platz: "Almost as good as me."

Kraft: "Boss."

Claude Pincer: "Good kid."

Nana: "Nana. NANA. NANAAAAA!"


Red: "I miss him."

Gate: "Just die."

Flame Hyenard: "Loud."

Ride Boar: "Smelly."

Vanishing Gungaroo: "Kid."

Tornado Onion: "Fun."

Soldier Stonekong: "Cool."

Wind Crow: "Uptight."

Splash Warfly: "Fabulous."

Shield Shellfish: "Big sis."

Rain Turtle: "Dumb, but nice."

Blizzard Wolf: "Cool."

Blaze Heatnix: "Feisty."

Dark Mantis, Earthrock Trilobite, Gigabolt Man-O-War, Avalanche Yeti: "Douchebags."


Jing: "Murdering asshole."

Number Man: "Nerd."

You talkin' shit about my waifu?


  • Frequent user of Saraband due to his preference to remain silent in real life.
  • Eats ants, especially covered in chocolate.
  • Secret anime connoisseur.



  • 2227-12-25: The War Is Over - Shield Shellfish takes the first step on a long path.