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Strider Solo.jpg
Personal Information
Code Name Solo 000
Race E-Human
Gender Male
Birth Date February 2, 2162
Serial Number DELETED
Faction Grave
Function Covert Operations
Assignment No Disintegrations
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Bounty Hunter / Mercenary
Secondary Specialty Covert Operations
Primary Pulse Rifle
Type Energy
Secondary Rocket Run
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Strider
Theme Song

Character Data

"You're not the one I'm after. So get out of my way."


Solo is one of the oldest living Striders. However, Solo no longer identifies himself as a Strider, nor wields the cipher for which Striders are typically known. His talents were discovered by Strider Grandmaster Meio during a martial arts tournament near the end of the 22nd century. Solo trained in the martial arts under Meio, then under Yosho Roshi after Meio went in to seclusion. During an infiltration mission into the United Nations, Solo was caught and apparently killed by the conspiracy group that would later be called Black SHIELD. Tortured and brainwashed to become an elite soldier, Solo was also cloned numerous times, creating an army with strength and agility that matched that of an enhanced human. The army was destroyed when Black SHIELD fell, and Solo himself escaped with the armor he was given during his training. The armor has several vision modes and a jet pack for transportation, though it reportedly does little to augment the prowess of the fighter inside. When he first appeared, Solo worked as a mercenary and bounty hunter, tracking down those who attempted to flee the law. With the reappearance of Meio, Solo has come in from the cold. Now operating as a member of Legions, the lone gunman has apparently begun to appreciate the value of having strong allies. Some have attributed him as having given at least some specialized training to both the Maverick Hunter Kraft and the child prodigy Pureri; but he has neither confirmed nor denied these allegations in public. He harbors a deep dislike for all forms of genetic engineering and seeks to keep track of the many places his genes have been used to create super-humans.


Abandoner Of The Old Ways, Seeker Of The New Ways, Often Imitated - Often Duplicated, OMC Survivor, Guns, Guns With Guns On Them, A Little Bit Of Jango Fett, A Little Bit Of The Master Chief, Not As Easy As It Used To Be, Blood Will Tell, There Is A Hole In His Mind?, A Thorn In Meio's Side, Fully Qualified CQC Instructor, The Unknown Soldier, It's Not The Years It's The Mileage, Whistler


Cut Scenes