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Personal Information
Real Name None
Code Name Spider
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Serial Number Classified
Function Bounty Hunter / Gambler
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Gambling
Secondary Specialty Assassination
Weapons Playing Cards, Dice, Coins, Poker Chips, etc.
Primary Royal Straight Flush
Type Blade Energy
Secondary Trickstar
Type Blade Energy
Buster Colors Black & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman X: Command Mission
Voice Actor John Cusack (Martin Blank, 'Grosse Point Blank')
Theme Song The Twins - "The Game of Chance"

Character Data

"Sure. I could always do with a blank check."


Spider continues to live a wild life despite having returned home to his "family". Spider's first appearances seemed to be entirely at random, without any explanation of who he was or where he came from. Spider eventually found himself operating a successful bounty hunting firm, driven to provide top-tier service and quick results on his cases. Spider seemed to be just another rogue robot, but in reality, Spider had been activated as an incomplete Dynamic by Dr. Light just as his sister Marino had been. Spider only learned who he was when he responded to the homing signal that the Professor had activated near the end of 2220, and was made "complete" by the Professor's "upgrades". Spider now uses his considerable skills in hunting men to serve his father's will. A laid-back, easy-going killing machine, Spider seems to be blissfully free of any introspective impulse. Spider continues to be a robot of wealth and taste, and still likes the finer things in life. His craving for luxuries keeps him in the bounty hunting game (or the high stakes poker table) between his father's missions. Life for him is easy, as it always has been; now he just has a home to return to at night rather than a hotel room.


Card Tricks, Card Shark, Picking Up Languages, More Than Meets The Eye, Seduction, Smooth Talking, Fancy, Gambling, Quick Learner, Mysterious Origins (Natch)