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Spike Rosered
Spike Rosered.jpg
Personal Information
Race Bioroid
Gender N
Function Botanist
Technical Specifications
Primary Spike Ball
Type Blade Physical
Secondary Soul Body
Type Energy
Buster Colors Green & Red
OOC Information
Game Megaman X5
Voice Actor Mark Hamill
Theme Song

Character Data

"My beauty is everything; ugliness is absurd!"


The first Bioroid in existance, Spike Rosered was a successful UN-sanctioned experiment to combine a Reploid with organic parts. Heralded as a miracle of science, Rosered's creators believed their breakthrough might be a failsafe against the Maverick virus due to its organic components. Unfortunately, they were proven wrong as Spike Rosered went Maverick shortly after deciding that the human race simply was too ugly and disgusting to be dominant. With the fall of the Mavericks, Spike has found himself under the sway of the Professor and Ouroboros, whom have paired him with Salome so that his skills as a master botonist and toxologist are directed 'properly'. He has a particular disdain for things that lack beauty and has been known to destroy his own hard work if it doesn't measure up to his exacting standards of glamour.


Bishonen, Rose-throwing, Smarmyness, Not a bulldog, Dramatic entrances, Charm, Growing clones, Refined taste, Perfect Valentine's Day gift, Dancing, Suaveness, Hair (petals) as good as Zero, Evil Tuxedo Kamen, Botany, Growing clones




Cut Scenes