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Spiral Pegasus
Spiral Pegasus.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Spiral Pegasus
Code Name Skiver
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date Activation Date Unknown.
Serial Number Classified.
Faction Unified Army
Function Gung-Ho Cavalier
Assignment Reserve Marines
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Aerial Combat and Tactics.
Secondary Specialty Search and Rescue
Weapons Gale-force winds, bladed objects
Primary Wing Spiral
Type Force
Secondary W Shredder
Type Blade Force
Buster Colors Sky Blue & Yellow-Green
OOC Information
Game Megaman X5
Voice Actor Judd Nelson
Theme Song See '+soundtrack skiver'

Character Data

"I don't do it for the glory. I do it because it's my responsibility to keep the peace."


Spiral Pegasus is a brash and headstrong robot, a lifelong soldier's soldier who believes in the purity of truth and justice. He constantly strives to do what he perceives as right, but can be stubborn about his definitions of right and wrong. Spiral Pegasus is an impulsive decision-maker, typically acting before fully thinking things through, all in the name of good. His large wings and aerodynamic body make him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, enabling him to move through the air with ease and produce chaotic windstorms to pummel his foes with force. Spiral Pegasus is enthusiastic about all parts of the military life, even after all that he's been through as a veteran of the Robot Wars, though his headstrong nature and rash decisions sometimes cause him to butt heads with his superior officers, even though generally he tries to do the right thing.


HOOAH!, Determinator, The Ace, The Cape, Hot Blooded, Heroic Spirit, Technical Pacifist, Knight In Shining Armor, Big Damn Hero, Dramatic Wind, Red Oni, Leeroy Jenkins