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Splash Woman
Party Girl
Party Girl
Personal Information
Real Name Splash Woman
Race Android
Gender Female
Creator/s Dr. Wily
Serial Number DLN-067
Faction Robot Masters
Divisions Kappa
Function Party Girl
Assignment Stab People
Technical Specifications
Weapons Laser Trident & Fish Mobs
Primary Laser Trident
Type Blade
Secondary Trident Dive
Type Blade
Buster Colors Blue & Yellow
OOC Information
Game Megaman 9
Theme Song Mega Ran - Splash Woman

Character Data

"I'm not a woman, I'm a force of nature!"


Splash Woman doesn't think of herself as the one girl among an army of boys. About as dainty and sweet as a shipwreck, Splash Woman is more like Crash Man than Roll. A hard-drinking, hard-partying swimming disaster area, Splash Woman is loud, extroverted, and often crude. Despite this she is capable of appearing innocent and harmless for short periods of time, mostly so that she can get what she wants; she has been known to take advantage of male robots who feel uncomfortable with fighting a female robot, or who will treat her better because of her gender. Still, it's never more than a short-term disguise; Splash is verbally aggressive, and enjoys taunting and baiting her opposition... or her allies. Splash Woman is a source of constant annoyance to Hornet Man, as she claims her drones are better than his at any opportunity.


Drinking, Carousing, Partying, Singing In Smoky Bars, Drone Wrangling, Pretending To Whine About Being Weak To Trick Men Into Doing Things For Her, The Sweet And Innocent Act, Playing The Girl Card For Personal Gain At Any Opportunity, Actually A Jerk, Only Loves Alcohol And Attention


Splash Woman was Dr. Wily's creation, one of his plethora of Robot Masters. also, his only female Robot Master. She was made, basically, when Wily figured out (well... sort of figured out) that allied robots and their friends are vulnerable to womanly things like 'hips', 'breasts', and a 'sweet personality'.

It worked out for the most part.

The sweet personality didn't take, but everything else: fighting for Dr. Wily alongside the other Robot Masters, the one lady among the men, has done wonderfully. She of course, continues to stick around the RM's and Wily to this day, doing his bidding, drinking his alcohol, and being as bad as Crash Man.


  • She has tried to outdrink Crash Man before.
    • No, you don't want to know how that turned out.
  • She has flight/hover systems! This allows her to be just as capable on land as she is in the water, but she is not quite as good, but she tries.
  • Like Karaoke
  • Excellent singer (see above)
  • First and only female Robot Master



  • Mega Ran - Splash Woman