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Split Mushroom
Split Mushroom.jpg
Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Faction Mavericks
Function Multiple Assault
Technical Specifications
Primary Soul Body
Type Energy
Secondary Kuuenzan
Type Energy Blade
Buster Colors Brown & Yellow
OOC Information
Game Megaman X4
Theme Song

Character Data

"Diversity is the key to success! Good thing the longer you work here, diverse it gets."


This Maverick is loud, energetic, and yet evil. Split Mushroom has the mind of an 8-year old. He can seem so innocent to people, always trying to get his way. When he doesnt get his way, he will throw a temper tantrum and exact his rage towards the people. However, he always tries to act innocent towards people. Split Mushroom lives off the destruction of people, places, and things. He is able to create the physical holographic female form of himself, who he considers his sister. His mischievousness surpasses the point beyond dangerous. He loves candy and all other things that a child likes. He despises being made fun of his size, and will take vengeance for those that does it or sulk and sob. He loves to play with the flowers and anything natural within the environment. In battle, he prefers to tell a joke or run around in his innocent manner to throw off his enemy before striking. He possesses the power to engulf his body with energy, and use it to his whim on striking the enemy. That power is of Soul Body. Not only that, but he is able to leap through heights that are perplexing. The fact of his childish, yet cruel behavior makes him an oddity among the Mavericks.


Verbal Assault, Duplicate Form, Super High Jumping, Acting Trippy, Organic Chemistry


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