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The Stardroids were alien intelligences in robotic form who, OOCly, serve as a way to organize the MUSH staff. However, in the past, they were actual IC characters and played a role in several large plots.

Stardroids had several forms, ranging from a rough simile of the dominant life form of the planet they had visited, to a terrifying battle form, to one of pure energy. The first among them was Duo; they were not perfectly unified among themselves; there were many of them.

In the summer of 2213, the Stardroids judged Earth to be unworthy of existence and set out to destroy them, being foiled by a coming together of the greatest of Earth, both good and evil. The human Twila Peterson opened the gate to release the Stardroid Terra, who inadvertently killed her in its egress from its prison in energy form. The Stardroids, regretting this, restored Twila to life before departing from Earth.