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Stone Man
Stone Man.png
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Faction Robot Masters
Function Excavations
Technical Specifications
Primary Power Stone
Type Physical
Secondary Stone Hand
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman 5
Theme Song

Character Data

"The foundations of conquest are forged on solid ground."


Stone Man is a very ponderous warrior. He's slow and methodical in everything he does, weathering enemy assaults with the patience of a mountain. He prefers to think things through, often sitting and contemplating some myriad fact while staring off into space for hours on end, letting his central processes work to their content. This powerhouse has a philsophical streak in him, loving to download and scan through old human literature books. Particularly fond of epic poetry and revolutionary documents. Often bewliders his comrades with one-sided discussions about the meaning of activation and the pursuit of programming perfection. Serves Wily out of gratitute for activating him, and the fact he can forge the best computerized library cards. Stone Man is able to literally shatter himself, his consciousness spread among his pebbles, each of which he is able to control and use to reform himself. Aside from this ability, he is able to send out his Power Stones, rocks that launch in a circular pattern from his body.





  • 2228-06-21: Happy Father's Day - Slur launches a massive attack on the prison holding 2240's version of Dr. Wily.

Cut Scenes