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Storm Eagle
Storm Eagle.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Storm Eagle
Code Name Storm Eagle
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Serial Number <CLASSIFIED>
Faction Unified Army
Function Elite Robot Chicken
Assignment Tenko's Kawaii Killers
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Aerial Commander
Secondary Specialty Ship Captain/Tactician
Primary Storm Tornado
Type Force
Secondary Sonic Boom
Type Force
Buster Colors Teal & Lavender
OOC Information
Game Megaman X
Voice Actor Liam Neeson (in his role as R'as al Ghul)
Theme Song Airbased - OC Remix of Eagle's Stage Theme

Character Data

"I have seen the enemy and he is I."


Cool, calm, stern. These were words that best described Storm Eagle through all the years he fought in Repliforce then later in the Mavericks. And they might describe him even now, but Storm Eagle has seen many horrors and has finally realized the severe error of the path in life he took. The dispassionate Storm Eagle kept his personal feelings and emotions disconnected from the goal he believed in; and in doing so he lost touch with who he was. His unwavering loyalty came to an end when he saw the one hope to restoring legitimacy to the cause he believed in destroyed and Lumine and Vile rise up to take command. Storm Eagle has now decided to turn himself into Repliforce and answer for his crimes by giving them the vast knowledge he has about the Mavericks. Formidable opponent in the open, equipped to launch an onslaught of destruction via explosive missiles, ion-pumped windstorms. A capable leader and tactician, Storm Eagle's only use for his talents now is in giving the allied forces any information he can and help to stop the rise of the Maverick war machine. Armed with the Storm Tornado, a weapon that assails foes with a powerful horizontal windstorm, able to command the very winds themselves into a raging tempest.


Aerial Maneuvers, Stunt Flying, Wind-Making, The Egg-Maker! (tm) <No relation To The Fresh-Maker>, Tactics: Aerial, Tactics: Aerial Squadron Movements, Tactics: Aerial Ship Command, Robot Chicken, Knowledge: Command Structure, Knowledge: Discipline, Honor!, Losing Warships Faster Than Marbles, SKY CAPTAIN!, Finally Admitting He Was Wrong, Yes, It Was Hard




  • 2214-02-13: The Siege of Repliforce Island - Rock leads the Hunters into a tragic battle with the disavowed Repliforce. The body count rises...
  • 2229-06-16: The Dark Man of Venus - Dark Man randomly attacks a starforce outpost on Venus. Impromptu interviews and combat ensue.
  • 2230-03-22: A GRAVE Bakery Run - Crash Man and Moondyne Mouse attempt to rob a bakery in Boston, and GRAVE and friends show up to have tea and scones. So Crash and Mouse amuse themselves by hosing them down with whipped cream and trolling them.
  • 2230-10-13: Atlantis Returns - After disappearing into deep space with Dr. Orihime at the helm, the city of Atlantis returns and lands on Mars.
  • 2231-02-18: Asteroids - Rock starts a campaign of harassing mining operations in RM space. Expect roughousing and shenanigans.
  • 2231-02-19: Venus Needs Nitrogen - Dr. Wily enlists GENOCIDE to raid the largest cryogenic nitrogen plant on Earth in Campenche, Mexico. Along the way he gets into a fight with a group of belligerent space pirates for crossing into their turf. Things escalate as they tend to do.
  • 2231-02-27: Funeralopolis - To open their campaign against the Unified Army and allies, The Hand of Makai decides to go hard and attempt to detonate several bombs at UN HQ in Paris. You know, keeping things light.
  • 2231-03-16: Operation Chicago Dog - QUILL strikes the Chicago IMPERATOR node to try to find incriminating information on Albert Wesker. It causes problems.
  • 2231-03-17: Broken Lands Assault - Unity, QUILL, and their adventuring friends take the treacherous mountains to find the Sable Tower of Deimos!
  • 2231-03-24: The Sable Tower - Unity and QUILL arrive at the Sable Tower with their allies... and there is a choice to make.
  • 2231-03-24: The Main Gate - While QUILL descends below to attempt to sneak through the lair of a long dead dragon, the heavy hitters assault the main gate...
  • 2231-03-31: Deimos Lord of Night - The final battle against the arch-lich, Deimos

Cut Scenes