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Storm Owl
Storm Owl.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Storm Owl
Code Name Storm Owl
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date July 5th
Serial Number RF-0172003
Faction Unified Army
Function Aerial Fortress Commander
Assignment Reserve Marines
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Fortress V Captain
Secondary Specialty Aerial combat
Weapons Cyclone Cannon, Raming Tactics, Feather Missiles
Primary Double Cyclone
Type Force
Secondary Tenkuuha
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Megaman X4
Theme Song

Character Data

"To win any given battle, one must apply their mind, not their muscle. Thought over emotion, efficiency over etiquette, order over chaos."


Storm Owl is a demanding commander and a brilliant tactician, filling the shoes of Storm Eagle. With an incredibly complex, intelligent mind, he can rapidly perform a variety of intricate mathematical and spatial operations, all simultaneously. A student of military history and tactics, he is the Repliforce's foremost military mind when it comes to the skies, and cooperates seamlessly with other commanders in the midst of chaos. Where others let themselves go to emotion and gallantry, Storm Owl stays collected. Preferring to command battles from the Repliforce flagship, he rarely sees the need to dogfight with rivals when he could simply shoot them out of the sky. When the need is present, however, Storm Owl is an excellent combatant, skills matching those of Storm Eagle. The only person who Storm Owl is harder on than his subordinates is himself. Unpredictable variables, the biggest and one which crops up the most being the emotions of others, can throw off his ordered, logical, and structured calculations.


Logic, Control Freak, Aerial Combat, Aerial Tricks, Tactics, Planning, Emotional Control, Military History, Air Support, Coordination