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Primary Story Arcs

The Stardroid Saga

In 2212, the Stardroids arrived. Claiming to be judges who were here to ensure the Earth was balanced between chaos and order, they interfered in the Robot Wars and sowed chaos of their own.

All Good Things...

Maverick infiltration Double enacts a plan to frame Repliforce for an attack against the world, turning Repliforce into villains and forcing friend to fight friend in a battle that should have never happened.

The Collapse

The war grows more chaotic as the Mavericks and Robot Masters seize large territories in Europe and Africa. At the same time, human supremacist movement Neo Arcadia is born in Mexico. It ends in bloodshed for all involved as the Black SHIELD organization tries to seize control of the United Nations.

  • 2217-09-24: Funeral for a Hero - Xiang returns Abernathy's body, and casually breaks Feste's mind in the process.

Brand New Sky

Human- and robot-kind make their ways to Mars, only to find that they are not the first people on the red planet. They unwittingly awaked Ra Moon, an ancient being of utter destruction.

Fallen Gods

Neo Arcadia dissolves into chaos as Dr. Weil unleashes the Genocide Virus, a virulent plague that threatens to destroy all robotkind. Meanwhile, in a little town called Willamette, a different virus resurfaces for the first time in years - the deadly T-Virus.


San Angeles is replaced by a duplicate from an alternate dimension, the first real war between this universe and invaders from another world takes place.


A splinter group of the Maverick Hunters becomes the Netmafia Gospel, going to war with the world at the behest of the mysterious Mister Famous. Protoman turns his back on the Hunters for good and begins a dark task of his own.


Protoman's vengeance turns into a global catastrophe as he destroys three cities, triggering Alexia Ashford to release the T-Virus across the planet and plunge the world into a zombie apocalypse. Darkness grips the world as millions die, and it takes the blood of heroes to save a weary world.


The world recovers from the brink of annihilation as the Mavericks attempt to stage a comeback under their new leader, Lumine. Meanwhile, an ancient evil is awakened from a cryogenic prison hidden in a Caribbean island.

Zodiac Ascendancy

A new generation steps up to face their destiny as energy-based aliens called FMians begin their invasion of Earth. An unlikely hero is found in would-be dropout Geo Stelar.

Zodiac Insurgency

The FMian conflict intensifies as agents of Ra Moon seek to free the ancient evil from his prison in order to destroy the world as we know it.

Zodiac Alignment

The FMians launch all-out war on the world, culminating in a battle against not only the FMian, but the forces of Ra Moon and the Imperials of a reborn Fuhrer under the heel of Miss Millions.

Zodiac Aftermath

The world is saved, but nobody is the same again. New heroes and villains are born as the new generation begin to fully take their place in this brave new world.

  • 2223-10-12: Caledfwlch - Geo Stelar has a chance encounter with a stranger from afar.
  • 2223-11-08: Second Star To The Right - Crux explores the galaxy after parting with Ciel.

...Must Come To An End

The story of the Mavericks and the Repliforce comes to its conclusion as a shadowy group resurrects Sigma to attempt to reignite the Maverick uprising... and General makes the ultimate sacrifice for the world he swore to protect.

  • 2205-11-05: Greet The Brand New Day - A walk into the memory of an ex-Maverick
  • 2225-03-22: From Yesterday - Hi-Max reviews some old footage of the 17th Unit.
  • 2225-04-13: Queensland Takeover - Ouroboros arrives in Queensland, New Zealand to open portals to allow their troops in - but a mysterious new group soon arrives to stop them....
  • 2225-04-18: Voices Shouting Under Water - Nephilim releases information on the treachery of a government against its people.
  • 2225-04-18: A Spy's Resolve - Amoldar reflects on the previous days revelations.
  • 2225-04-24: Iris Must Die - An ex-Repliforcer makes a move to end the threat Iris has become.
  • 2225-05-04: The Bitch Isn't Dead - The title says it all.
  • 2225-05-07: Wearing Down a Wall - Rock returns to Point Trouble to speak about isolationism.
  • 2225-05-10: The Unveiling of Tau - Gate reveals his plans for Tau. Doctor Doppler does something horrific to Double.
  • 2225-05-11: Night Of The Cactus - Theodore Logos reveals himself to be Midnight Epiphyllum by a kidnapping, followed by an assassination attempt. Can anyone stop the NIGHT OF THE CACTUS?
  • 2225-05-13: Training Video - Because Marshall Rider can't keep it in his pants
  • 2225-05-19: Paradise Fountain - While General makes his final stand, others attempt to prevent the end of Innerpeace.
  • 2225-05-19: ...Must Come To An End - One shall stand. One shall fall.
  • 2225-05-21: Our Best Selves - "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." -- Mahatma Gandhi
  • 2225-06-04: A New Kind Of Reploid - Sewa gets to saving the reploid race again.
  • 2225-06-06: Path Of Truth And Freedom - Amoldar visits his brother's grave.
  • 2229-02-28: All You Need Is Love - The end is near

Adventures in Time and Space

Sonia Strumm is kidnapped by agents from another reality, leading a manhunt across the myriad worlds of time and space.

Secondary Arcs

Hunters With Dirty Faces

A mysterious girl goes to the Hunters for help when she gets in trouble with the mob.

  • 2223-05-01: The Girl - A mysterious girl survives an attempt on her life.
  • 2223-05-17: The Girl Part 2 - Karen's past is revealed.
  • 2223-10-02: A Still Warm Trail - Bob Copper asks Ciel about two of her murdered employees.
  • 2223-10-07: Early Detection - Two Repliforcers get to investigating the Queens murders.
  • 2223-10-14: The Reploid In Black - A Transer image reveals the Queens killer... barely.
  • 2223-10-17: The Ringer - The Queens murder investigation gets a new ally.
  • 2223-11-05: Are You Ready - The Smiling Killer is revealed.
  • 2223-11-11: Spider's Sting - Bob Copper and Prismatic Spider catch Black Joe and get another name: Juno.
  • 2223-11-18: The Made Man - Sheeda recovers from a near-death experience.
  • 2223-12-29: Reinitializtion - Juno's conquest of New York begins.
  • 2224-01-11: Trigger Man - Detective Copper interrogates Black Joe. Interesting things result.

Some Kind Of Dino Crisis

Dr. Edward Kirk accidentally unleashes prehistoric terror on a small Indonesian island.

Perfect DARK

Sera Mwozoki, former Triad leader and persona non grata after the ascendancy of Rich Dotcom, finds an artifact which transforms her into something... new.

  • 2226-03-22: Relics - Sera finds an interesting bauble...
  • 2226-05-06: The Lost City - Von Bluecher starts a quest!
  • 2226-08-01: Family Bonds - Sera works out her frustration.
  • 2226-08-08: Cry Little Sister - Yuna learns what happened to her sister.
  • 2226-08-20: Reborn in Ice - Ashe finds her resolve.
  • 2226-08-29: The Hidden Sign - Allied forces explore the mysterious Martian ruin of Manda Temple - along with some less welcome visitors.
  • 2226-10-07: Fortress Lemuria - Sera makes her move on Lemuria. Can Yomiel use the power of friendship to save the day?
  • 2226-10-08: The DARK Temple - To be continued...


Though I know I should be wary, still I venture somewhere scary...

Monsters begin to return to the world of man.

Future Turnabout

HYDRA agents from another universe try to frame Shield Shellfish for MURDER MOST FOUL! Can Versus and Ace Attorney Andruw Nisse stop them in time?

Alien Vs. Predator

Aliens arrive on Earth during a particularly warm autumn to hunt the most dangerous game.

  • 2227-11-08: Concrete Jungle - An unusually hot autumn brings a rash of strange killings to San Angeles...
  • 2229-01-12: A Good Death - Someone yearns for freedom.
  • 2229-03-31: Moving Day - Dr. Kirk has a close encounter.
  • 2229-04-09: Hunting Season - A distress call from Val Verde marks the return of an escaped project of Dr. Kirk. People show up to investigate. Theseus is officialy done with the doctor.
  • 2229-04-10: Predators - After responding to a distress call and running afoul of an angry alien, the survivors of the encounter awaken on a strange world...

Adventures in Slumberland

A malfunctioning weapon and an ancient tomb leads a team of unwary dreamers into a land that can't possibly exist. And yet there it is.

  • 2229-10-31: The Legacy of the Pharaohs - Werner Von Bluecher reviews a funding request.
  • 2229-11-10: Which Can Aeternal Lie - Reaverbots are sighted at a tomb deep in the Sahara Desert... what secrets could sleep beneath the shifting sands?
  • 2229-11-12: Silent Lucidity - Relax child, you were there, but only didn't realize it and you were scared.
  • 2229-11-13: What Dreams May Come - Hush now baby, don't say a word, and never mind that voice you heard. It's just the beast under your bed, in your closet, in your head!
  • 2229-11-14: Anakaris Interlude - Alloy - Recovered from Slumberland, Anakaris has a chat with the ever-curious Alloy.
  • 2229-11-19: Anakaris Interlude - Cerisier - Recovered from Slumberland, Anakaris has a chat with the cheerful Cerisier.

Legendary Wings

One of the lost ships of Project Dandelion is found, leading explorers to the planet Ares and a deadly legacy of ancient Martian technology: DARK.

  • 2223-09-28: Wings of Ares - The UNS Legendary, part of Project Dandelion, reaches its destination.
  • 2224-08-24: Heart And Walker - Michelle Heart's colony makes a horrifying discovery.
  • 2225-05-27: Learning to Fly - Change comes to Ares.
  • 2228-02-08: Before the DARK - Something is killing people on Ares, and Michelle Heart wants to find out why.
  • 2229-02-16: A Way Back Home - The Legendary is no more, and troubles grow.
  • 2230-04-01: Last Flight Of The Legendary - A stellar anomaly on Ganymede reveals a ship thought long lost - and it's not alone.
  • 2230-04-08: Fallen Angels - Kevin Walker, the pilot of the doomed UNS Legendary, is finally awake.
  • 2230-04-12: Hot LZ - Kevin Walker returns to Ares with his new allies from Earth. It's not quite that simple.
  • 2230-04-15: Heart And Alloy - Alloy Stuart, well-known reploid heartbreaker, has a one-on-one with Michelle Heart.
  • 2230-04-15: Jungle Hunt - Our heroes set out to explore a Martian ruin in the jungles of Ares.
  • 2230-04-16: The Ares Cantina - Anthem meets with Anthem on the Ares Colony canteen for a chat. No space alien band playing, alas.
  • 2230-04-19: An Evening On Ares - Our heroes have a chat about the fate of Legendary.
  • 2230-04-20: Danger - Kevin Walker leads the Ares team boldly into a trap. Ready?
  • 2230-04-29: Wave Two - DARK makes an all-out assault on Legendary Colony.
  • 2230-05-12: Beware As The DARK Returns - The final assault on DARK begins.
  • 2230-05-13: Are You Afraid Of The DARK - The fate of Ares rests on the unlikely shoulders of Sera as the heroes fight their final battle against the mad AI known as DARK.

Shadow Over Mystara

The arch-lich Deimos invades the Earth to seek supplies for an invasion of the Known World. It is up to a band of rag-tag adventurers and their Terran allies to stop him!

  • 2229-01-13: An Age Undreamed Of - It was a dark and stormy night...
  • 2229-02-16: The Days Of High Adventure - Welcome to the D&D World!
  • 2230-08-16: Goblin Raid - Completely out of the blue, goblins from another world raid a fireworks factory on the Texas border.
  • 2230-08-30: Recruiting For The Skeleton War - Another incursion from Mystara - a necromancer tries to raise an army of the dead at one of the world's largest cemeteries!
  • 2230-09-14: QUILL Gets Medieval - QUILL heads to Mystara to investigate a goblin invasion and winds up meeting new potential allies in Glantri City.
  • 2230-09-23: You All Meet In A Bar - On the opposite side of the mountains, Unity recruits an adventuring party in Corunglain.
  • 2230-09-30: Caravan Ambush - QUILL and Option Yammark help some adventurers lay an ambush for would-be ambushers to find out more information about Deimos.
  • 2231-03-17: Broken Lands Assault - Unity, QUILL, and their adventuring friends take the treacherous mountains to find the Sable Tower of Deimos!
  • 2231-03-24: The Sable Tower - Unity and QUILL arrive at the Sable Tower with their allies... and there is a choice to make.
  • 2231-03-24: The Main Gate - While QUILL descends below to attempt to sneak through the lair of a long dead dragon, the heavy hitters assault the main gate...
  • 2231-03-24: The Dragon's Lair - While the heavy hitters assault the main gate, QUILL descends below to attempt to sneak through the lair of a long dead dragon...
  • 2231-03-31: Deimos Lord of Night - The final battle against the arch-lich, Deimos
  • 2231-04-01: More Fierce Than Fire - After the fall of Deimos, a meeting takes place in far away Glantri.
  • 2231-08-26: The Scent of Magic - The dragon's ire more fierce than fire laid low their towers and houses frail.