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Stove Man
Stove Man.gif
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Faction Independent
Function Burning Justice
Technical Specifications
Primary Flame Mixer
Type Fire
Secondary Flame Shower
Type Fire
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

"I burn, therefore I am."


Created by Scott Wily with the express purpose of reheating soup, Stove Man has taken it upon himself to work for a greater purpose. Fancying himself a true hero, he thinks and acts in a way that belies his humble origins: he'll boldly smash through enemies while yelling a hot-blooded cry in support of truth and justice. Unfortunately, most of his experiences with these concepts come from the reams of tabletop RPG books that were his constant companion through the years of isolation, and thus most of his thought patterns have become warped through a fantasy lens. He tends to see himself as a prince of gallantry as opposed to a ... well, oven. At least, he is very good at the 'boldly smash through enemies' part, using his Flame Mixer to crash through things with a spinning shield of fireballs.







Stove Man 2.gif