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Survivor Tofu
The Soy Samurai
The Soy Samurai
Personal Information
Real Name Rations Tofu
Code Name Survivor Tofu
Race Bioroid
Gender Male
Creator/s Bara Corporation
Faction QUILL
Function Ambulatory Foodstuff Ronin
Technical Specifications
Primary Blade Of The Delicious
Type Blade
Secondary Tofu Burst
Type Physical
Buster Colors Blue & White
OOC Information
Game Resident Evil 2
Theme Song

Character Data

"Making friends is important when most people see you as a potential dinner ingredient."


Survivor Tofu is one of the unlikeliest bioroids ever. Created by a former Umbrella researcher working for the Bara Corporation, his soy-based biomass was designed to be edible: in essence, walking emergency rations. Upon realizing the nature of his existence Tofu went berserk, grabbing a knife and fighting his way to freedom - his creator was fired on the spot. Quiet and soft-spoken, Survivor named himself, wandering the world in search of sympathy and a place to belong. He was never a Maverick - the group was too volatile, and he never really had a killer instinct, but the Irregulars were too soft, at least for him. The rise of Nephilim gave him a place to belong - not as laid back as the Irregulars, but not as savage as the Mavericks. Tofu styles himself as a wandering ronin, though his attempts to be cool and dashing have... mixed results.


It Slices, It Dices, It Kills The Toughest Zombies, Yet It's Still Sharp Enough To Delicately Slice This Tomato, Running From The Iron Chefs, Guaranteed To Never Break Or Dull Or We'll Replace It Absolutely Free, Umbrella Refugee


Survivor Tofu during Ragnarok

Survivor Tofu was originally known as Rations Tofu, and was built by a former Umbrella scientist working for the Bara Corporation. He is the result of an unapproved experiment to create mobile rations: in short, he was made to be eaten. Understandably, neither the Bara Corporation or Rations Tofu were over-fond of this idea, and when he escaped shortly after activation (leaving a bit of a mess) they disavowed all knowledge of the project.

Since then Survivor Tofu has been part of the Irregular Overlords, the Mavericks, and even tried to strike it out on his own for a while. The common theme among his allegiances has been a desire for safety and not knowing who to trust.


  • During Ragnarok Survivor Tofu took out a herd of zombies using only a pistol and survival knife, which was very cathartic.
  • Survivor Tofu lacks many senses that other people take for granted, like eyesight. Instead, he experiences the world by detecting small changes in his surroundings through his tofu body.
  • Although Survivor Tofu primarily uses a combat knife, he has been known to switch to a katana when he feels especially samurai-like.
  • Nobody has ever even partially eaten Survivor Tofu. And if he has anything to say about it, they never will...


  • Survivor Tofu has limited control over the shape of his tofu body. He can make himself bigger or smaller with great concentration, as well as adopt several other 'forms'. His most commonly used secondary form is more humanoid, used when speaking to somebody who finds talking to a big block of tofu alienating.