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Suzu Narita
Personal Information
Real Name Suzu Narita
Race Adept
Gender Female
Creator/s Her Parents
Faction Versus
Function Xenotechnologist
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Xenotechnology, Exotic Technology, 'Mad' Science
Secondary Specialty Septimal Powers
Weapons Glaive (Redline), Septimal Powers
Primary Overclocked Blur
Type Blade
Secondary Temporal Dilation
Type Force
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"What's the point in dreaming small?"


Born in the sprawling megacity of Neo Tokyo, Suzu Narita had a decent life. A straight-A student supported by her parents, Suzu obtained a scholarship to study the growing field of xenotechnology and an internship with the Sumeragi Group. While assisting with some of their projects, Suzu was scouted for the Adept program. She was thrilled with the invitation and immediately accepted. An inquisitive mind, Suzu's scientific specialty is in the study and analysis of xenotechnology, both from other dimensions and ancient ruins; she loves working with unknown machines to determine their function and operation, and has been known to lend her assistance to Diggers looking at Martian ruins. She also works with and designs cutting-edge machines that operate on unusual prinicples, which is how she came to join the Adept program in the first place. As an Adept, Suzu has control over septimal forces, which in her case developed into a limited control over the flow of time itself. Suzu enjoys testing her own limits - physical, intellectual, and septimal - and pushes herself to get better in every way, to be the best she can be at whatever she chooses to do. It's a positive goal that, she feels, has never steered her wrong.


Science (Xenotechnology, Exotic Technology, Bizarre Technology), Mad Scientist?, Science-Adept, Septimal Power (Time Manipulation), Mechanic, Technician, Lab Assistant, Building Strange And Mysterious Devices For No Reason But That She Could, Burning Time, A Moment That Lasts Forever, Or At Least A Few Minutes, Muda Da?, Bodysuit Chic, Push It To The Limit, Surprisingly Not A Juvenile Delinquent