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Swallow Man
Swallow Man.png
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Serial Number BNW-005
Faction Robot Masters
Function Air Supremacy
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Infiltration
Secondary Specialty Aerial Combat
Primary Swallow Drive
Type Force
Secondary Homing Swallow
Type Physical
Buster Colors Steel Blue & Red With Black Accents
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network 5
Theme Song

Character Data

"Of course I'm supposed to be here!"


Swallow Man strikes many people as being somehow familiar. Based off of a barn swallow in appearance, Swallow Man has been somehow inspired to imitate them in behavior. He likes to make swallow calls, and dislikes other birds (robot or otherwise) entering whatever he has decided is his territory. He is highly possessive of his possessions and personal space, and responds to any perceived threats to himself by ramming into them as hard as he possibly can. Though he has a light and not particularly durable frame, being hit by an unladen Swallow Man is not a pleasant experience. When he isn't ramming into things, Swallow Man can also generate bursts of wind that are shaped like swallows. Swallow Man enjoys lurking in secluded places in rafters or similar spaces, which is related to his programming as an infiltrator. His ease of getting out of places he shouldn't be in makes his other quirks more tolerable to his peers. Swallow Man loves to fly and hates being confined for very long, and has an irrational phobia of medical bays.





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