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Sword Man
Sword Man.png
Personal Information
Real Name Sword Man Wily
Code Name None (Not like Sword can hide his identity...)
Race Android
Gender male
Serial Number DWN 059
Faction Robot Masters
Function Blade Assault
Assignment Earn Your Keep
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Swordfighting Melee and Tactics
Secondary Specialty Honor and Chivalry
Weapons Swords, knives, pretty much anything with blades. Also, fists.
Primary Flame Sword
Type Blade Fire
Secondary Fire Pillar
Type Fire
Buster Colors Red & Yellow-Orange
OOC Information
Game Megaman 8
Theme Song None yet, although I'll have one in a bit.

Character Data

"I live by the sword, and I shall die by the sword."


Courage. Honor. Chivalry. These are the things Sword Man lives by. While Knight Man prides himself on being the antithesis of a knight, Sword Man exists to be the emBodiment of one. He is polite on and off the battlefield and refuses to prey on those he feels are weaker. Those he feels are his equals will be treated with respect and assured a fair fight, or as fair as possible barring interference. This code of honor tends to give an air of unintentional condecendance and puts him at odds with many of his fellow Robot Masters. He respects Yamato Man for his similar code of ethics, but the two usually are at odds dues to their "cultural" differences, Yamato's Eastern ways and Sword Man's European. He sees Dr. Wily as his lord and will fight for him at all costs, though he disagrees with the dishonorable tactics Wily and some of the other Robot Masters use. However, he feels obligated to fight and is never willing to back down. In battle, he uses his split body design and a ancient giant sword, stolen from a museum by Wily, to create the fearsome Flame Sword and Fire Slash attacks. Outside of battle, he tends to be lost, knowing only the life of the Sword and nothing else. However, he laments this not, as his is the life of a soldier, and the life of a soldier is subservience.


Swordsmanship, Blade Combat, Knowledge: Swords, Knowledge: Chivalry, Spica Blooper Fodder




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