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Personal Information
Code Name Symphony
Race Android
Gender Female
Faction Robot Masters
Function Negotiator
Technical Specifications
Primary Razor Beam
Type Blade Energy
Secondary Razornails
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"My good fellow, 'criminal lawyer' is a redundancy."


Cold, ruthless, and utterly without conscience, Symphony is the ideal lawyer. Or politician. Or criminal liasion. Or all of the above, which is what lead her to join Dr. Wily's forces. Despite her utter disregard for the law, Symphony is adept at working within the system, and using the law to her best advantage. To this date, she's been arrested 15 times, only to be released every time after successfully proving that her civil rights were violated by the arresting authorities. Now, she represents Wily in social situations, be they political, legal, or criminal, with a degree of expertise few can match. Although not originally designed for combat, Symphony is a very capable martial artist, and makes up for her lack of internal weapon systems by being able to pass for human, even fooling all but the most sophisticated scanners.


Knowledge: Law, Cunning Little Witch, Ethics? What Are These Ethics You Speak Of?, Legs To Kill For, Cutthroat Tactics, Always Armed For A Battle Of Wits, Silver but Sharp Tongue, Pretty Poison, Maybe She's Born With It Or Maybe It's Maybelline, Is She Real Or Isn't She?, Warm As A Frigidaire


  • Probably dead?


Cut Scenes