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SA-Class Hunter
Personal Information
Real Name Tabea S. Klein
Code Name Tabea; Tab; Tabby
Race Human
Gender Female
Birth Date October 14, 2200
Faction Maverick Hunters
Divisions Protectors
Function Urban Combat
Assignment Blue Blaze
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Piloting
Secondary Specialty Self-Sacrifice
Weapons Beschützer (Grapple Beam, Chainsaw Shotgun, Shoulder-Mounted Cannon)
Primary Swarm Cannon
Type Explosive
Secondary Penetrating High-Explosive Shell
Type Explosive Physical
Buster Colors Black and Gold
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"We're doing this for a better tomorrow! Or that's what I believe, anyway."


A soldier born in Geneva, Tabea Klein was still a recruit in the Swiss Army when zombies and Ouroboros came to her country. Setting on several daring rescues, Tabea succeeded, but had to disobey orders to do so; she was dismissed and joined the fledgeling LEGIONS. Since LEGIONS' disbandment, Tabea went on to join the Hunters, where she was proud to serve. During the last days of the Zodiac conflict, Tabea defended the Dandelion diaspora from the FMians. An aggressive FMian, Lord Monocero, destroyed the cockpit of the Luminous Voyager and damaged the engines, leaving only backup steering thrusters. Tabea guided it through a manual reentry without personal shielding at the cost of her life, saving the entirety of the suspended-animation evacuees; she was posthumously promoted to SA-Class. A young, open optimist, Tabea's attitude was described as 'refreshing' compared to some of the more world-weary combatants she worked with. Tabea piloted the power armour Beschützer, a Swiss design for medium and short-range combat, until her death.


Driving War Machines, Apologizing For Accidentally Knocking Over Mailboxes While Driving War Machines (It Only Happened Once), Optimism At The Most Surprising Times, Friends in High Places, Not In The Swiss Guard, Chainsaw Gun Is Not A Lancer, Acrophobia, Enormous Family, No Relation To Daryn, Can't Hold Her Liquor, Last-Minute Heroism