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Tamako Shiraizuki
Tamako Shiraizuki.jpg
Personal Information
Race Strider
Gender Female
Birth Date October 11, 2195
Serial Number 259-1242-133
Faction Grave
Function Cynical Businesswoman
Assignment Biotech Operations
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Perserverance
Secondary Specialty Business Management, Biochemistry, and Stridering
Weapons Sharp pieces of metal
Primary Iron Cipher
Type Blade
Secondary Blade Storm
Type Blade
Buster Colors Black & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network 3
Theme Song Motherf***er Got F***ed Up - Folk Uke

Character Data

"I can't believe you idiots get sucked in by this s***."


Tamako Shiraizuki is irritated to no end by obsessive consumption of Japanese culture. Even as a young girl, Tamako found the obsession of Westerners with Japan to be profoundly grating. This opinion was not common in the minor Yakuza family she was born into, and Tamako was often looked down upon for being "unpatriotic". She was discovered as a Strider and taken over to China to train with her cousins, which Tamako found as a great relief. Between her martial arts studies, Tamako went to university to double major in business administration and organic chemistry, hoping to get in on the next wave of biotechnology jobs. Instead, Tamako found herself the heir to a hopelessly mismanaged and corrupt hot springs when her father died; not from rivals, but from heart failure brought about by a life of excess. Grudgingly, Tamako took over the hot springs and turned it into a profit-making venture. Tamako now profits from exploiting foreigners and tourists through slick merchandizing and the promise of an "authentic" experience. Sardonic and domineering, Tamako is willing to do what it takes to get what she wants. Tamako's organic chemistry skill has given her a deep knowledge of toxins and poisons. Tamako often finds herself having to tend to bail out her cousin, Ran Igarashi.


Business Administration, Fight Me, Organic Chemistry, Onsen Administration, Perseverance, Kill You With a Hair Clip, Fight Me, Slick Talker, Appearing In The Most Unlikely Of Places, SO BORED, Selling Ice to Eskimo Fanboys, Fight Me!, Poisons, Cynicism, Sarcasm, Snazzy Dresser, FIGHT ME!, Japan McWhalen Can Bite It