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Personal Information
Race Mechaniloid
Gender Male
Faction Versus
Divisions Makers
Function Dark Lord
Technical Specifications
Primary Spikey Spin
Type Blade Physical
Secondary Ball O' E-String
Type Physical Energy
Buster Colors Green & Silver
OOC Information
Game Megaman V
Theme Song

Character Data



Tango is Roll's constant companion and, in her eyes, protector. A Robotic cat created by Dr. Cain, he considers himself the master of Maverick Hunter HQ, despite what Rush or any other tormentor might think. Tango has the ability to curl into a spiked ball and bounce around to drive away enemies, something he doesn't like to do unless absolutely necessary because it looks so unbecoming of a cat to do. Like most cats, Tango hates water and has a tendency to sleep whenever possible.