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Personal Information
Race Reaver
Gender Male
Birth Date After 008, Before 010
Serial Number PSN-009
Faction Independent
Function Blue Engineer
Assignment Keep Being Awesome
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Stellar Construction
Secondary Specialty Space Monster
Weapons Kinetic Projection, Stasis Fields, Electrical Discharges, TIME ITSELF
Primary Stasis Lock
Type Energy
Secondary Split-second Reassembly
Type Force
Buster Colors Blue & White
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

"Alright, your toaster is now 1,000% more efficient! Don't look into the slot while operating it."


Tangram is a young Reaver with a knack for the sciences, a love of adventure, and a penchant for taking his lofty ideas a little too far. Wanting to do everything at once, Tangram settled instead on the role of the creator and was given a modular body to suit his rapidly-changing needs. An optimistic, energetic sort, Tangram's passion for creating and optimizing lends itself to his grandiose schemes, even if he occasionally gets in a little over his head. With the ability to propel himself into orbit and beyond, Tangram intends to explore and expand within the new frontier, and is equipped with a series of force projection systems and a stasis field generator to help him along the path he has chosen. Using the gifts he has been given for both self defense and to lend versatility to his construction capabilities, Tangram does everything quickly and to the best of his ability, at least by his reckoning; after all, stopping the clock is just that much better than beating it.


Time Screwery For Fun And Profit, But Mostly Fun, Overclocking (But Not Running Hot), Efficiency Does Not Equal Safety, Malleable Form, Multiple Arms (Sometimes), Knowledge: Stuff Equating To Science But Not Necessarily Being An Established Part Of It, Except When It Is, Kind Of Weird Even By Reaver Standards, Loud, Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Naive, Also Turns Into A Terrible Temporal Hunter Meant Explicitly To Destroy You And All You Know And Love, Wiping You From Time And Space In A Catastrophic Display Of Light, Sound, And Violence--Or Maybe Just Asking You Nicely To Leave, That Works Too!, Buy It, Use It, Fix It, Trash It, Change It, Mail - Upgrade It


Not very long, but kind of crazy. More to come when I get around to it.


  • Tangram is best at space, no matter what some people think.
  • Tangram's body is made of rearrangeable crystalline blocks, making him incredibly adaptable to any situation.
  • He is also hilariously good buster bait.
  • Tangram constructed SPACE HOUSE, the current Nephilim base of operations.
  • Yes, that IS the correct spelling and capitalization.
  • Tangram used to be a Hunter. He was a pretty good one, too.
  • Dark Man once disintegrated Tangram with a sonic cannon. Tangram once blew up Bass with a lightning gun. It stands to reason that Bass has blown up Dark Man with some kind of doom laser. Thus the cycle continues.
  • Tangram once saved Secretary-General Madison's life (and, by extension, the lives of most of the Hunters in the room) with a force field when Dark Man tried to nuke her across a table. He even got field-promoted for it!
  • Twice.
  • Tangram also flushed a horrible alien biomonster out into space and basically disintegrated himself to do it. It was totally worth it, though.
  • Tangram <3 his family, especially Schwarzschild.