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Tao Mai-Ling
Not Chun Li, But A Reasonable Facsimile
Not Chun Li, But A Reasonable Facsimile
Personal Information
Real Name Tao Mai-Ling
Race Human
Gender Female
Faction Unified Army
Function Martial Arts Champ
Technical Specifications
OOC Information
Game Red Earth
Theme Song

Character Data

"Strength is making sure no one has to suffer like you did."


Tao Mai-Ling has gone through a lot despite being only a teenager. Her father died fighting against zombies during Ragnarok, serving the Chinese Army. Her mother passed some years later in a terror attack. However, she still works hard to be a big sister to all the other kids in her hometown, Gora, and while shes only sixteen, she is respected heavily throughout both the town and her province. Shes a multi-time martial arts champion, and her enthusiasm remains undimmed despite the rough life shes had. She has been studying kung fu since she was a child, emulating the hero Chun-Li, whom she idolizes.


For The Children, Theyre Not Cybernetic Legs, Theyre Training Weights, Fighting Is Meant To Be For Fun Not War




  • 2230-10-29: Earth Red As Blood - The Hand and GENOCIDE attacks a sleepy village in China. Unexpected opposition arrives to stop them!

Cut Scenes