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Personal Information
Real Name Gregory J. Miles
Code Name Tatterdemalion
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Creator/s Your Sins
Faction Independent
Function The Tattered Man
Assignment Crushing You
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Hammer
Secondary Specialty Fist
Weapons Giant Hammer, Cryogenic Systems
Primary Hammer Of Cocytus
Type Ice Physical
Secondary Divine Satire
Type Ice
Buster Colors Steel And Rust
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor David Kaye
Theme Song

Character Data

"I will crush you and bolt your screaming carcass to my chest.""


Tatter, AKA Tatterdemalion, AKA Gregory J. Miles, was once a proud power armor pilot during the most dire times of the fight against the Mavericks. Normandy changed that, leaving him little more than a nervous system in a cold metal casing. His hatred of the robots who did this to him never dimmed. After slaying several Reploids in a 'construction accident', he found an associate to help integrate the parts into his full-conversion cybernetic frame. Now he continues to integrate the pieces of the Reploids he slays into his own body, constantly modifying them with the aid of the other members of his organization and seeking out ever more powerful robots to slay to give him the ability to purge them from the world forever.


Misery Loves Company, Join Him For A While... Join Him Forever, Walking Trophy Rack, That's A Nice System You Have There, I'll Take It, Looming Ominously, Ice Giant On Call, All Beauty Withers, All Youth Dies, Hatred Endures Forever, Mister Freeze