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Teisel Bonne
Teisel Bonne.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Teisel Bonne
Code Name Teisel, Big T
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Birth Date Unconfirmed
Serial Number Officially Disallowed World Citizenship
Faction Unified Army
Function Gang Leader
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Leader
Secondary Specialty Thief
Primary Servbot Interference
Type Physical
Secondary Masterful Theft
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman Legends
Theme Song

Character Data

"I'm the most brilliant rogue in history!"


Teisel Bonne is the epitome of the refined thief and leader of the small band of rogues bearing the Bonne name. His wit and brilliance serve him well in his exploits, aided by his little brother Bon and his sister Tron. Teisel sees himself and his group as pirates of old, out to have adventures and get rich in the process. He tends to have wild mood swings depending on how his fortune is going, either enthusiastic and exited over a project, or frustrated and enraged when his plans don't come off as planned. Fortunately, ever-trusty Tron is there to keep him in check when luck turns foul and his temper goes even further. His plans are exceptional, but rarely turn out well without the assistance of his family, upon whom he depends heavily for support in the chosen career of air pirate. He has great admiration for robots, toys, and models, and spends most of his free time in his quarters playing with his action figures. If he's not careful, his plans can become too grandiose and unwieldy, which is usually his downfall.


Brilliant Yet Doomed To Fail Strategy, Smooth Talking, Haggling, Overreacting, Overprotective Brother, Toy Collector





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