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Double-O Seven
Double-O Seven
Personal Information
Real Name [Classified]
Code Name Telos
Race Reploid
Gender Neuter
Creator/s Prismatic Spider
Creation Date February 1st, 2213
Death September 15, 2222
Serial Number PSN-001
Faction Repliforce
Divisions Command
Function Black Operations
Assignment [Classified]
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Special Ops & Black Book Ops
Secondary Specialty [Classified]
Weapons None
Primary Caltrops
Type Blade
Secondary A Named Bullet
Type Blade
Buster Colors White & Black
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor Geoffrey Rush
Theme Song "Another Way To Die" by Jack White & Alicia Keys

Character Data

"There is nothing more dangerous than a false sense of security."


Telos was created by the order of the United Nations by Prismatic Spider right before the United Nations sanctioned a Maverick and Hunter siege on Repliforce Island. Designed with the idea that a smaller reploid with the right tools would be able to get anywhere they needed to go, Telos was a member of the team that was rarely seen. Disguising himself behind his holograms, Telos's able to hide himself as virtually anything using the hard-light holography systems. In these disguised settings, Telos uses his advanced sensors to monitor most of the electromagnetic spectrum. Armed with few weapons, Telos relies on his abilities to get out of the line of fire rather than fighting back.


Lock Picking, Breaking and Entering, Black Market Contacts, Contact Network, Savoir-Faire, Acting, Mannerism Impersonation, Multilingual, Assassinations... of the Bad People, Kidnapping... more Bad People, Stealing... the Bad People's Stuff, Holography, No I'm Not a Ninja, No I'm not a Leprechaun, (Definitely a Leprechaun)


Roughly two weeks after Prismatic Spider had been created within the United Nations, he was given an order. His task was to create a reploid for Repliforce that could serve on the team that Anthem had begun to put together just weeks prior, a special operations team that would focus not just on counter-espionage but also on proactive measures to disable the enemy before they could threaten the lives of the world. On February 1st, Prismatic finished his creation. As the Spider is apparently wont to do, he let his new creation name himself. This is where we first meet Telos.

Instead of taking a name immediately, Telos began his two weeks of study and training to become what Anthem and Repliforce needed. As time progressed Telos was always seen reading the various works of Machiavelli (The Art of War, The Prince, Mandrake), Fouquet (The 48 Laws of Power), Moore (Utopia), Orwell (1984), Aristole, etc. He finally chose his name based off Aristotle's principle of purpose, called telos, where you study the purposiveness of everything to find the suitable end. Fiting for the small reploid. Telos was there during the Siege of Repliforce Island during All Good Things, he was there for many of the events throughout the history of the game since 2213, even if most didn't know it.

This is the look Midnight Epiphyllum got all the time.
Over the ensuing years though, Telos was never really seen or heard from. The team he was on wasn't suppose to be seen. Their work in Repliforce was at the behest of General and Colonel. They'd move from location to location, monitoring, listening, relaying intelligence, and only striking when necessary. This wasn't a strike team. This was the type of team that leant itself.


Telos rose through the ranks of Repliforce until he took over as third-in-command after Storm Owl stepped down. His time in command was spent focusing Repliforce on cleaning itself up. In the end, however, Telos fell prey to an infiltration by EM Wave Beings. Controlled by Gemini Spark, Telos's holographic powers were magnified into an emulate-like level which was then used to disguise himself as Magma Dragoon and attack Sky Lagoon. Telos briefly regained control of his body once he was damaged enough, ordering the Repliforcers there to put him down before he could cause more loss of life -- Colonel drove his saber through the tiny Repliforcers chest a moment later.


  • You remember that rock in a mission you went on two years ago? The one you could have sworn was a foot closer to the door? Telos.
  • The holographic portrait on the wall of the American Prairie that was in Kelly McLaren's office that sometimes seemed to twitch? Telos. (Those Musica chicks were freaks... damn hippies.)
  • That helpful little old lady in Africa who pointed you to where Wily had his latest crazy ray in the factory down the street? Telos.
  • Or maybe one of those size ten reploids who were holding up one of the bridges during the Siege of Repliforce Islands so that more people could be evacuated? Telos.
  • And yes, he really is only 1 foot tall. He hasn't earned the title the 'World's Tiniest Repliforcer' for nothing.


Telos was the commander of the Micromasters Squad. The spec-ops squad's main qualification outside of training in special or black operations was that all members be under two feet tall. The last layout of the squad before Telos's death was as follows...

  • Ensign Eagle Eye - High Altitude Scout - KIA by Vile
  • Ensign Greaser - Field Medic - KIA by Vile
  • Ensign Stakeout - Reconnaissance - Missing/Presumed Dead
  • Ensign Divebomb Dove - Air Support - KIA by Vile
  • Ensign Heave - Melee Combatant - KIA by Vile
  • Ensign Ironworks - Weapons Specialist - Missing/Presumed Dead
  • Ensign Boom Boomslang - Ranged Combatant - Sole Survivor
  • Lieutenant Tracer - Hunter/Tracker - KIA by Vile
  • Lieutenant Countdown - Explosives Expert - KIA by Vile
  • Commander Telos - War In Your Pocket - KIA


  • 2221-03-23: Lines Of Chalk - Shield Shellfish returns to the Repliforce after a mysterious, year-long absence... with no memory of what happened.

Cut Scenes