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Templar Fefnir
Templar Fefnir.png
Personal Information
Race E-Human
Gender Male
Faction Neo Arcadia
Divisions FIYAH!
Function Brute Force Deployment
Technical Specifications
Primary MWS - Sodom and Gomorrah
Type Fire
Buster Colors Magenta & Grey
OOC Information
Game Megaman Zero
Theme Song

Character Data

"A new world will rise from my flames!"


Akecheta Otaktay (Fighter Who Kills Many) lived a brief and tragic life consumed by vengeance for his murdered family. As a young man, Akecheta's reservation was destroyed by fleeing Maverick fugitives, with Akecheta as the only survivor. His early efforts to fight back ended in grave injuries, forcing him to seek more strength. Akecheta found that strength in Neo Arcadia, being reforged into Templar Fefnir. Commanding the fire that had destroyed his life, Akecheta became known as a walking wall of meat that commanded awesome firepower and physical force. Passionate and short-tempered, Fefnir ultimately could not bear the guilt and pain of his life, becoming an instrument of the Professor's purge of what remained of Neo Arcadia. Destroyed by his own comrades, Fefnir's suffering has ended. His life is a warning to many that continues to go unheeded.


Cut Scenes