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Not every field has to be filled out. Just use the ones appropriate to your character/the ones you can be bothered to fill.

'charactertype' refers to whether the character is an OC, FC or NPC. Use one of those values.

A dead character's category should be changed to [[Category: Dead Characters]] in order to sort it into the proper list.

Character pages are sorted on the page by the faction tag in the infobox. In order for a character to show up on the page, it must have one of the factions or groups listed on that page. Don't make this a link or it won't show up properly!

{{Infobox Character

== Character Data ==
''"Your character's quote goes here."''
=== Profile ===
Your character's profile goes here.

=== Skills ===
Optionally, you can include your character's skill list here.

=== Background ===
Optionally, you can include some or all of your character's backstory here.

== Trivia/Facts ==
* Interesting tidbits about the character here.

== Logs ==

== Cut Scenes ==
{{Cut Scenes}}

== Other ==
Other OOC facts/information/clarification/things you might want other people to know can go here.

[[Category: Characters]]