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When naming a cut scene, create the page in the following format: Cut Scenes:Name Of Cut Scene


  • title - Self-explanatory.
  • recap - A brief one sentence summary of the scene.
  • author - Also self-explanatory.
  • participants - This field won't appear in the infobox, but is useful for making cutscenes appear on a person's page. As in Infobox Log, it should be a comma-separated list.
  • rldate - When the scene took place in real life. If icdate isn't filled out, it will be calculated from this. The format should be YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS, eg, '2011-07-18T13:30:00' would refer to 1.30PM on the 18th of July, 2011. '2011-07-18T00:00:00' would be midnight of the same day. Note that hours/minutes/seconds are not displayed and so option ('2011-07-18' would also work) but are included for date standards conformance. If multiple scenes take place ICly on the same date, it can be useful to sort them into their proper order using hours, minutes and seconds.
  • icdate - An optional field. It's used to specify a separate IC date when the scene happens out of sequence with the normal flow of time (flashbacks, timetravel, etc). Otherwise, the IC date will be calculated from the RL date of the scene.
  • storyarc - If the scene is part of or relevant to a story arc, put it here. Note: Use the most immediate story arc name, for instance, the Battle of Meidum Pyramid would be a part of Zodiac Insurgency, rather than Zodiac Ascendancy, which was the broader overarching story arc.
  • Location - Where it took place. Optional. Try to use general locations, like Paris instead of Cinnamon's Apartment, or Earth Orbit instead of Earth-Moon Lagrange Point 4.
  • Soundtrack - Optional. If you want to include a musical track to go along with your cut scene.
  • Soundtrack link - Optional. If you want to link to YouTube, Soundcloud, or whatever, for the soundtrack of your cut scene.
{{Infobox Cut Scene

The body of the cutscene goes here.