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Quake Woman
Show me your secrets, Mr. Basalt!
Show me your secrets, Mr. Basalt!
Personal Information
Real Name Tempo Lalinde
Code Name Quake Woman
Race Android
Gender Female
Creator/s Dr. Noele Lalinde
Faction Versus
Function Digger Specialist
Technical Specifications
Primary Quake Drill
Type Blade
Secondary Drill Flurry
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Archie Comics Megaman
Theme Song

Character Data

"With forgiveness comes trust."


Tempo was built by Dr. Noele Lalinde, who was inspired by the work of Dr. Light. Following HeraCorp standards that would later become REPLY, Tempo was able to choose her own path. She chose to be her mother's daughter. When Dr. Lalinde left Earth to pursue robotics-focused archaeology, Tempo volunteered to be upgraded for excavation work. A nearly fatal cave-in resulted Dr. Lalinde rebuilding Tempo as an android to save her life, a choice that remains uncomfortable for both women. Tempo feels that she has gotten back most of 'herself' by now. She finds herself enjoying the camaraderie and challenge of the Digger lifestyle as the idea of advancing scientific knowledge in an exciting way appeals to her. Tempo still struggles with lingering and sometimes crippling claustrophobia, and she occasionally slips back into an 'emotionless' persona to control her fear. Ultimately, the trauma in Tempo's life has taught her the importance of healing wounds.


Geological Surveying, Embracing Classic-Era Design Aesthetics, Cool Digger Nickname (Quake Woman), Rock Buster, Get It?, Rock Buster, Because Instead of a Gun Hand It's a Drill Hand, Top-Tier Joe Fortress Let's Player, Recovered Rei Ayanami Expy, Luxury Item (Subspace Outfit Switch System), I Am a Bot and I'm Digging a Hole, Diggy Diggy Hole




Cut Scenes