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Personal Information
Real Name Tenko
Code Name Super Princess Tenko-chan
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Birth Date Dec 14 2220
Creation Date Dec 14 2220
Serial Number SWR-10.5-v6
Faction Unified Army
Function Fire Support
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Fire Support
Secondary Specialty Morale Boosting
Weapons SIGN Packs, Beam Fans, Force Saber
Primary Danmaku Bounded Field
Type Energy
Secondary Love SIGN - Buster Spark
Type Energy
Buster Colors Pink & Lilac
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"My hands are small... but when I join them with others, then we will be able to create a brighter tomorrow!"


A young and exuberant reploid, Tenma has to embody the concepts of 'hope' and 'love' for many people. Tempered by the crucible of the Robot Wars, she has been forged into the hero that she once pretended that she was. Gregarious and chatty, she has come to believe that miracles must be made to happen and that happy endings need to be fought for. Tenma serves both in command and fire support roles in the battlefield, equally comfortable leading from the front or the rear with waves of bullets and pin-point blasts of heavy firepower. Tenma continues to fight for what she believes in, and though she is not the magical girl she once wished she was, she has come to embody the spirit of such in many ways.


Love, Friendship, And Firepower, Everyone's Little Sister, Yes, Even Yours, You Just Don't Know It Yet, Magical Girl Lyrical Tenko-chan, Talk Squeaky And Carry A Big Damn Gun, Ribbons Are Both Fashionable And Practical, Supah Princess Tenko MAKE UP!, Bullet Hell-tan


Cut Scenes