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Tennessee Ventura
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Creator/s Matias and Beatrice Ferreria-Ventura
Birth Date October 22, 2207
Faction Unified Army
Function Imagineer
Technical Specifications
Primary Movie Magic
Type Force
Secondary Resonant Frequency
Type Sonic
Buster Colors Light Blue & Silver
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"Every great advance in science has issues from a new audacity of imagination."


Tennessee Ferreria-Ventura believes that the key to a better world rests in the advance of science and technology. A native of Disney Universe, Tennessee grew up away from the horrors of the Robot Wars, instead living a happy, peaceful life under the protection of the company. Tennessee flourished within the highly structured and specialized education system of Disney, with her creativity and intellectual gifts leading her toward the training programs for Disneys esteemed Imagineers. In particular, Tennessee specialized in computers and software engineering, finding a sense of wonder in how essential they are to modern life. Her Imagineer training eventually lead her outside the relative safety of Disney to act as their liaison to Star Force. Though idealistic and slightly eccentric, Tennessee goes out of her way to be friendly and welcoming to others, even in the face of adversity. As an Imagineer, Tennessee prefers to use her power armor to provide support in the field rather than solving problems directly, though her colorful, Disney-cartoon themed avatar remains dangerous and unpredictable when she deploys it.


Building a Better Tomorrow, Programming, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Forcefields, Holograms, Duals Spec: Liberal Arts and Mechanical Sciences, White Hat Hacker, Being an Imagineer Requires that You SMILE!, Eclectic Education, Just a Little Eccentric, No I have a Lot of Hobbies Let Me Tell You About Them, Would Be Da Vinci in a Mouse-eared Hat