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The Caravaneer
Chairman of the Hot Dads Club
Chairman of the Hot Dads Club
Personal Information
Real Name ???
Code Name The Caravaneer
Race Adept
Gender Male
Email None Listed
Faction Versus
Function Philanthropist Patron
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Falconry, Archery, Moving Huge Piles of Money
Secondary Specialty Whittling
Weapons Bow [Hunter's Stoutbow]
Primary Royal Dragon Piercer
Type Water Blade
Secondary C-Range Coating
Type Blade
Buster Colors Red and Yellow
OOC Information
Game Monster Hunter
Voice Actor Richard Branson
Theme Song

Character Data

"Don't be afraid of a little life. Death happens."


The Caravaneer is a significant financial backer of the Hunter's Guild. A high-powered Capcom executive, he became frustrated with unethical and irresponsible practices falling through the cracks in the company and for the last twenty years has been using his position and resources to fight corporate corruption whenever he can reach it. Well-traveled and well-adventured, the Caravaneer has a wide range of skills and connections and considers himself an environmental conservationist. He signed on with the Hunter's Guild to protect the beleaguered Amazon and found himself further drawn into their cause as a financier and moral mentor. The Caravaneer is every inch the archetypical free-wheeling, fun-loving adventurer, quick to laugh and try something new and generous with his remarkable wealth. He is primarily motivated by protecting people and the environment from being taken advantage of by the powerful and has a dim view of how easy it is for the wealthy to hide behind the law. As an inaugural graduate of the A-Listers, the Caravaneer uses the Spongia Bow, a Hunter-type Glaive made from Royal Ludroth parts that infuses arrows with enervating water.


LinkedIn (Trending Influencer), Seraphim Investor, Worlds Traveller, Survivalist (SS-Rank), Polyglot, Navigating Corporate Swamps, Navigating Actual Swamps, No Longer Playing Diplomacy, Always Looks The Perfect Amount Of Dusty, Falconry (S-Rank), Archery (A-Rank), Understanding This Whole Wizard Thing (C-Rank)


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