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This is the backstory of Mega Man MUSH. These following files are required reading for all applicants, and explain the theme of our MUSH with the history of the Robot Wars from the construction of Blues to the first incursion of the Stardroids, the starting point of our IC timeline.

The Second Renaissance - 2199

Historians called the end of the 22nd century the beginning of the Second Renaissance. With the end of the Chinese Revolution bringing about an unprecedented worldwide peace, scientific advancement, accelerated by the warfare, was poised to create paradise. Advances in artificial intelligence, cybernetic engineering and genetic research allowed humanity to live longer, easier and better lives.

The Global Science and Technology Expo, the descendant of the World's Fair, was held in November of 2199. It was the greatest gathering of scientific might in almost a century, with each laboratory group and individual presenter showcasing the latest innovations and ideas in scientific thought. Many notable individuals were at this Expo, but three figures stand out: Dr. Thomas Light, Dr. Albert Wily, and Dr. Edward Cain.

Dr. Light and his team had created the first true AI, an android named "Blues". Blues amazed the Expo, being the most notable creation out of any of the other exhibits. Light soaked in the glory and praise, but his colleagues Wily and Cain were left out of the accolades. Cain disliked the spotlight, so was pleased for the success of his younger comrade. However, Dr. Wily could not bear to be so completely denied. A bitter seed was planted in his mind that would, over the next few months, bear the fruit of a madman's rage.

Based on the appearance of Blues, the United States offered Light Labs funding to create additional prototype androids. These became the first Robot Masters: Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man, and Elec Man. Light also made other androids for his own purposes: Rock, his second son, and Roll, a daughter. Light even made pets for them to complete his image of what a family should be; a cat and a dog, Tango and Rush.

Mega Man - 2200

The six androids Light Labs created earned fame and prestige for their abilities. Once more, Light was given the lion's share of the credit, while Cain and Wily stayed in his shadow. This infuriated Wily beyond measure. Finally, on the 3rd of January 2200, Wily struck.

Dr. Wily, with guile and cunning, stole Blues and the six androids they had recently made, as well as the plans for a new robot codenamed "Zero Omega". To prevent interference, he waited for a day when Light, Rock and Roll were out on a family outing, then drugged Dr. Cain's dinner to prevent him from being able to summon help when he acted. When Light contacted the United States government to warn them, they were slow to act to find Wily, believing it to merely be a case of industrial espionage. Their sluggishness would cost lives.

On the 27th of January, Dr. Wily struck. The six androids, led by Blues, were now the Robot Masters. They descended onto the megacity of San Angeles, assisted by an army of robotic drones. With their superior might, the Robot Masters started to reshape sections of the city to their liking. The military was powerless against the power of the Robot Masters, forcing the city to be evacuated. Dr. Light blamed the horror on his own hesitance to act, and was unable to find a solution before Rock stepped up. He volunteered to be rebuilt into a warrior capable of fighting the Robot Masters on their own terms.

Rock was upgraded into a full combat machine, being armed with the most powerful weapon in the modern world: the Buster, a powerful energy cannon capable of imitating the weapons used by other robots. He became Mega Man.

Dr. Wily's Revenge - 2200-2202

On the 17th of February, Mega Man responded to the Robot Masters. Over the course of 24 hours, Mega Man powered through San Angeles from south to north, fighting his way through the Robot Masters and their drone armies. Each Robot Master fell before him, their weapons preparing him for what he believed would be a final confrontation with Dr. Wily. However, as Mega Man fought his way into Wily's base, Wily had already began his escape. Despite his army being defeated, Dr. Wily had offline copies of the Robot Masters, as well as the plans for Zero Omega still in his grasp. Further, Blues was still at large due to his unprecedented ability to teleport anywhere in the world.

Yet, the liberation of San Angeles was a major blow to Wily. Peace returned to the world, and a grateful nation praised the bravery of the young robot. However, by the end of April, the US government turned on Light. An executive order was signed demanding that Light shut down his robots or leave the country. Light, refusing to treat his children like property, chose to leave the country. The neutral nation of Japan welcomed Light with open arms, and he and his children became national sensations overnight.

Two years passed in relative peace. In early June 2202, Wily struck again, but this time had help from the Yakuza crime syndicate. They abducted Dr. Cain and several of Dr. Light's colleagues and friends, threatening to kill them if Mega Man interfered with Wily's plans. Shortly thereafter, Wily attacked the planet as a whole, this time with three new squadrons of Robot Masters to assist him. Led by Blues, the Robot Master army poured across the world, looting and pillaging at will.

Global Liberation Day - 2203-2205

It took almost a year for the United Nations to present a solution to the problem. Doctor Sigmund Doppler, a German scientist, used Dr. Light's research to develop a new type of mass produced robot that could be used to create a global defense force. This robot type, called the Reploid, was used to create the Repliforce. Led by General, Doppler's greatest creation, the Repliforce did battle with the Robot Masters for over a year.

As the UN massively implemented Reploids into their armed forces, Dr. Doppler became increasingly discontent. He did not feel his creations were being treated properly, and his complaints fell on deaf ears. Only Sigma, his favored son, seemed to heed what he was saying. However, Sigma remained loyal to Repliforce, and continued to lead his small band of special operations units on dangerous missions against the Robot Masters.

October 30th, 2205 is known as Global Liberation Day. It celebrates Colonel, the second in command of the Repliforce, and his capture of Dr. Wily after a massive push to the Robot Master base. However, even as Colonel was fighting through the last of the Robot Masters, his sister-unit Iris was abducted. While Colonel was willing to wait for a proper search to be organized, Sigma would not stand for it. Sigma and his squad went to search for Iris while the last of Dr. Wily's army was dismantled. Shortly afterward, the Yakuza released its hostages and covered its tracks, not wanting to find itself under Repliforce's spotlight.

Sigma's search went on through November, he and his squad going AWOL. Repliforce, busy cleaning up after Dr. Wily's last rampage, was too overextended to search for them. Meanwhile, events continued elsewhere in the world. Dr. Pavel Cossack announced the completion of his UN funded "Ride Armor" project, the Goliath. Accompanying the Goliath was Cossack's Reploid creation, Vava, who was programmed to act as its pilot. Repliforce accepted both Vava and the Goliath graciously, but it seemed that it would be a legacy project with no practical use in a world without the threat of Doctor Wily.

The Coalition for Reploid Freedom - 2206

This optimism faded on November 13th, when Sigma interrupted a televised speech by the Secretary-General. Sigma announced he was the commander of a group called the Coalition for Reploid Freedom, colloquially known as the Mavericks based on his squad's nickname. He briefly outlined the ideology of the group, then launched a surprise attack against Sydney, Australia. The vicious assault left the city in ruins and rekindled the fire of war across the world.

Over the next year, Repliforce did battle against the CRF across the world. The Repliforce was plagued by many of its members defecting to the CRF's cause, making every battle a security risk. A world already deeply scarred by Wily's campaign sustained even greater damage from the massive robotic combat. Dr. Light offered to have Mega Man assist, but Repliforce insisted that he not involve himself in the present fighting.

After a lengthy series of battles, the CRF was finally defeated on August 22nd, 2206, with the last of the Reploids involved being captured and put into stasis for examination. Iris was also finally discovered a few days later, sealed inside the CRF headquarters: physically unharmed but severely shaken from her year-long captivity.

The United Nations called in its top scientific minds to examine the renegade Reploids. Led by Dr. Light, the task force attempted to determine if there was an outside cause to the actions taken by the Reploids. While all the Reploids involved insisted in interviews that they went Maverick of their own free will, Dr. Light discovered a complex viral code had been inserted into each Reploid on a fundamental level. This programming alteration became known as the Maverick Virus, and over the next decade billions would be spent trying to uncover its secrets.

An Uneasy Peace - 2206-2210

With the war against the Mavericks at an end, peace returned to the world. Vava, who had served gallantly during the campaign against the Mavericks, had become accepted as an officer of Repliforce and received a promotion to third in command. Dr. Light additionally gained permission from the United Nations to allow his creations to move around the world, so long as they didn't interfere with Repliforce operations.

Four years passed. The world finally seemed to be at peace. The Repliforce addressed various regional disputes, assisted in rebuilding from the years of war, and set things right to the best of their ability. Dr. Light continued to work on the Maverick problem, but it seemed to be a lower priority to the rest of the world because of the containment of the rogue robots in UN holding facilities. Dr. Wily, through his Yakuza connections, escaped from military prison and went deep underground. The Repliforce looked for him intensely, but could find no sign of the mad scientist.

On New Year's Day, 2210, the Secretary-General gave an inspiring speech about world peace in the coming decade. All of Repliforce's high command were present to watch save for Vava. Vava had grown discontent with peace and yearned for war to overtake the world once again. Very soon, he would find a way to achieve his desires.

The Battle of Seoul - 2210

On July 26th, 2210, two great armies suddenly appeared to threaten the world. First, Vava appeared on television, now calling himself "Vile". Vile, having released the core members of the CRF from containment, announced that the Mavericks were the destined rulers of the world, and that humanity needed to accept its destruction. After his announcement, the Maverick army charged across the world, beginning to wreak havoc. Only hours afterward, Dr. Wily, seeing the opportunity he had been waiting for, came out of hiding with a massively expanded army of Robot Masters and drones. By the morning of the 27th, much of the world was in chaos.

Both the Maverick and Robot Master armies raged across the planet, Repliforce being unable to stem the tide from two equally powerful forces. By the 30th, both sides were closing in on Seoul, South Korea, the UN's capital city. An intense battle raged through the streets of Seoul as both sides finally clashed directly. Finally, six robots met at the UN plaza: Vile, Spark Mandrill, and Flame Stag for the Mavericks, Quint, Bubble Man, and Freeze Man for the Robot Masters. In the end, it came down to single combat between Vile and Quint, a Robot Master Elite. The two were about to clash when a mysterious robot -- Blues, in disguise -- teleported into the area and engaged them in battle. Vile fled, but Quint did not. The savage beating Blues gave Quint permanently damaged parts of Quint's neural net, causing him to lose his link to his assist-bot Sakugarne. With the capital saved, Repliforce wanted to thank their benefactor, but Blues disappeared before he could be questioned.

The Birth of the Maverick Hunters - 2210

By August, the fate of the world looked grim. Dr. Light, no longer capable of standing by and watching things worsen, gathered a group of disaffected Repliforcers and called them the Maverick Hunters. Led by Mega Man, the Maverick Hunters were an unsanctioned vigilante group who attacked both the Robot Masters and the Mavericks in an effort to even the odds between them and Repliforce. Officially condemned, the leaders of the Repliforce secretly thanked Dr. Light for his help out of the public eye.

In September, a new threat emerged. During a fierce battle in Hong Kong against the Robot Masters, a new elite unit appeared to challenge the Maverick Hunters. This robot, Zero, was the result of Dr. Wily's development of the Zero Omega project. Zero made quick work of the other Maverick Hunters and directly confronted Rock. The two battled for hours, but ultimately Mega Man was the victor. After Mega Man moved to retrieve the fallen Zero, a Maverick attack began nearby led by Vile. Mega Man, badly injured, had to retreat, and Vile was able to capture Zero for the Mavericks.

As the winter closed in, Repliforce and the Maverick Hunters developed a closer relationship by necessity. A few more Repliforce soldiers joined up with the Hunters due to their dislike of rigorous military regulations, which gave Dr. Light more power to act in situations where Repliforce could not. With the new Maverick threat of Zero, cooperation became even more important. It was often useful to allow the Robot Masters to fight the Mavericks in an attempt to retrieve Zero for a while, then rush in to wreck both sides. This gave the forces of good a critical advantage, one they would soon need to exploit.

The April Fool's Day Massacre - 2211

In late February of 2211, Zero was finally captured by the Maverick Hunters after Rock defeated him in single combat. Examination of Zero led to a grim conclusion: damage to his neural net caused by attempts to infect him with the Maverick Virus would make fully repairing him difficult. However, Dr. Light would not give up on his prodigal son, and got to work trying to mend him.

On April Fool's Day of 2211, a daring attack by the Robot Masters, led by Clown Man, on the UN General Assembly killed the progressive Secretary-General Kurt Bannister and most of his immediate advisors, and severely injured many others. This threw the world government into upheaval, giving the Robot Masters and the Mavericks an opening to cause even more damage. They drove their armies onward, causing destruction and mayhem across the world that even the combined forces of Repliforce and the Maverick Hunters found difficult to stop.

By the summer of 2211, the Robot Masters had conquered the city of Berlin and were using it as a major base of operations. The Robot Master Elites ruled over the city with an iron fist, and the people were helpless before them. On June 7th, 2211, the newly rebuilt Zero accompanied Rock and a large Hunter team on an all-out assault on the Robot Master base. After defeating all of the Elites and liberating the city, Rock stayed behind to oversee the deployment of humanitarian aid. It was then that Bass made his first appearance, confronting Mega Man and engaging him in intense battle. Their duel lasted for hours, but in the end Bass overcame the already weakened Mega Man and moved to finish him off.

The Arrival of the Stardroids - 2212

As the final blow was about to be struck, Blues appeared once again and battled with Bass, beating him down and leaving him to rust on the battlefield next to the other Robot Master elites. After defeating Bass, Blues retrieved Mega Man and brought him home to Dr. Light. Now going by the name "Protoman", Blues took the reigns of the Maverick Hunters while Rock recovered from his extensive injuries. He had much to deal with, as Zero was becoming increasingly unstable as the months passed from his lingering neural net damage.

The bad situation worsened as 2212 dawned. The Robot Masters and Mavericks were once more ascendant, and were fighting over the scraps of a battered world. Repliforce and Maverick Hunter alike could do little but try to stop the bleeding when they could, severely battered from years of non-stop conflict. It came to a head half a year later, on June 29th. It was then that the Starhaven appeared overhead, and the Stardroids made their presence known. The Stardroids, supremely powerful aliens, began to actively interfere with the war seemingly for their own amusement. Their claim that they desired "balance" often came across as an excuse to arbitrarily favor one side over the other, causing more bloodshed and horror.

The battle for the fate of the world, and for its human and robotic inhabitants, had only just begun.

Continued in News Timeline...