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Personal Information
Real Name Classified
Code Name Thetis
Race E-Human
Gender Male
Birth Date Classified
Serial Number Classified
Faction Versus
Function Mega Man of Ice
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Assassination
Secondary Specialty Extremist Environmentalist Terrorist Tactics
Weapons Spears, Hooks, Ice Dragons
Primary Survival Of The Fittest
Type Blade Ice
Secondary Shuriken Volley
Type Blade
Buster Colors Cobalt & Cerulean
OOC Information
Game Megaman ZX Advent
Voice Actor Not Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka
Theme Song Paradigm Shift - Liquid Tension Experiment

Character Data

"I will rid the Earth of self-serving humans!"


Thetis is the eternal younger brother of the Aesir group, known for his compassion toward animals and other living things. A genetically engineered superhuman, or "Mega Man", Thetis was made to be able to endure in extreme environments, in particular the crushing depths of the sea and the deep arctic regions of the Earth. Raised in seclusion within a series of Black SHIELD laboratories, Thetis trained with his family to become supremely effective killing machines. Thetis in particular took to the study of wilderness survival, as he was capable of operating in a combat capacity for incredible lengths of time without food or water. Like his brothers and sister, Thetis is extremely well-educated, with his specialties being in biology and ecology. His interest in the Earth is due to his deep-seated belief that humanity is destroying the Earth, and only by actively mending their ways can hope to save the planet. His environmentalist zeal can sometimes be disturbing. Thetis also acts as the Aesir team's medic, and takes a special interest in their diet and exercise to the point of nagging. Thetis is also the only Aesir who attempts to humanize Siarnaq, though these attempts usually backfire spectacularly.


Living, Graceful, Adorably Charming Until You Ask Him About His Hobbies, Wilderness Survival In A Sci-Fi Universe, Biologist, Master of Negative Jing, Bugging The Aesir, Fantasizes About A Malthusian World, Pretty Ninja is Pretty, BLUE, You May Not Be As Gay As Him, But Dammit, You're Trying, Too Much End For A Ninja This Small, Happy Strider: Always Smiling, All The Time




Cut Scenes


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