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Thunder Man
Thunder Man.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Thunder Raoul Man Wily
Code Name Thunder Man
Race Android
Gender Male
Serial Number DWN X07
Faction Robot Masters
Function Electrical Generator
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Generator
Secondary Specialty Mediator
Primary Thunder Shock
Type Electric
Secondary Cloud Cover
Type Electric
Buster Colors Black & Orange
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network 2
Voice Actor Carlos Gallardo
Theme Song AC/DC - "Thunderstruck"

Character Data

"You're about to ride the lightning, pendejo!"


Thunder Man, the final Omicron Master, was constructed from the world's sturdiest lightning rod due to Wily's deep-seated belief in the virtue of redundant systems. Calm, cool, and collected - unlike, say, every other electric Robot Master - Thunder Man tends to try and take an advisor role for his less thinking-oriented brothers. He frequently finds himself in the position of dispute moderator, which is a difficult job given the typical Robot Masters. The other Masters also tend to poke fun at his Hispanic accent, which some believe was simply added to rile up the then-Mexican Neo Arcadian army; however, he sticks to English for the most part. Thunder Man behaves like a storm, being slow to anger but difficult to stop once raging at full bore; he's capable of creating small thunderclouds around himself or attacking with a variety of lightning-based weaponry. He finds himself able to focus best in areas that breed storms, and enjoys hanging around Masters such as Cloud Man for just that reason. Thunder Man, for all his foresight, sometimes throws himself into sticky situations in order to prove that he deserves a place alongside the rest of the electric Masters.


Dirty Mexican, Laid-back But Not Lazy, Getting In Over His Head, Actually Drinking Corona, Actually Liking It, Even Without The Wedge Of Lime, Dropping Random Spanish Words Into Sentences, Trying To Make A Living In Elec Man's Masked Shadow, Madre De Dios!, Electrifying Personality, Smells Like Ozone, Itty Bitty Clouds, Mariachi's Only Real Friend, Constantly Followed By The Sound Of Flamenco Guitars, Robert Rodriguez's Biggest Fan




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